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mHere I am sharing my Last month’s painful memories and experiences with you. From 17th Nov till 12 Dec 2015, I have experienced a horrible lose, our brains have a difficult time processing and making sense out of what has happened with us and how do you make peace with something so outrageously heartbreaking?
I can not forget that cold and dark night of November when I took my Husband’s Aunt Samina Rehman (aged 45) to a specialist, she was suffering from fever and blood deficiency. Doctor asked me to admit her in hospital and arrange 3 bottles of blood for her immediately. The doctor was running every test he could think of to try to find the underlying cause of her sickness and her swollen abdomen. Her ultra sound report showed fluid in her abdomen and stones in Gall bladder which alarmed doctor. Medical specialist Col. Anes referred this case to Surgeon Major Javed, according to him this case was a complex case for him. After a CT Scan he and another surgeon Major Nauman decided to do a surgery because Report showed a rupture of an abdominal organ and infectious fluid in her abdomen.

A blood transfusion was given to bring up her hemoglobin which was 6.8 before surgery. She was a brave lady. I never saw her complaining or crying with pain, After surgery doctor removed her gall bladder and half pancreas. Doctors told us that her gall bladder was ruptured which was packed with silent gall stones of different sizes and they caused a lot of damage in her body. Infectious fluid damaged her intestine as well. Although her surgery was successful and she was getting better a bit every day but on 9th day after her operation she had a severe chest infection and cough which was lethal for her and damaged her large intestine and lungs. Doctors decided to do second surgery very next day. She was such a courageous lady and prepared herself for another major surgery. After operation her heart collapsed and lungs stopped breathing. She was again rushed to the ICU and The doctors immediately put her on a ventilator & told us she had stopped breathing, but that her heart never completely stopped.
The doctor’s told us right off that the chances of surviving were slim. But Prayers brought her back. Every day doctors tried to turn the ventilator down to see if she could breathe more on her own. Miracle it was, after 3 days she responded well and started breathing by her own. I was so glad that day. I was the one watching her ups and downs closely. She talked a lot with me that day but the next day she took a turn for the worst and became unresponsive. On 12 December 2015 at 9:00 A.M she took her last breath infront of me. I was so depressed. She left behind three little kids and a Loving husband.
Family, Friends and relatives prayed for her every day and night. It was the most painful thing I have ever experienced after my own parent’s death. This, one month brought us (Samina Aunty and me) closer. I took care of her like a daughter. My family lost a wonderful person, a great beautiful sister, friend, and an outstanding mother, loving wife and daughter. She was so full of life, and so suddenly taken from us.
I request you all Friends to take your life seriously. If you feel something unusual just go to a specialist for a complete check up. If health is lost every thing is lost.Silent Gall stones took Samina Aunt’s  life. May Allah grant her highest ranks in Jannah. Ameen. Keep Samina Aunty and her family in your prayers.


Life is too short for any bitter feeling;
Time is the best avenger if we wait;
The years speed by, and on their wings bear healing;
We have no room for anything like hate.
This solemn truth the low mounds seem revealing
That thick and fast about our feet are stealing:
Life is too short.

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