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muk 5 mainMukhadi halwa is a most famous dessert in Punjab region. You can say this is a specialty of Attock district and KPK.I am giving you authentic recipe of Mukhadi which i have learned from a villager.I have selected this dessert for your eid menu because this is a delicious combination with BBq dishes.Try this in BBq parties you will love it.


Semolina/ Suji/ Rava3 cups
Sugar2 1/2 cups
Cardamom 4 nos
Ghee1/2 cup
Wateras needed
Nutsas needed


  • Soak suji in water , after 1/2 hour drain excess water. (you can soak in milk also but take milk 4 cups)

muk soak suji

  • In a kadai or pan add ghee and cardamom , let it crackle and add sugar .

suar melt 1

  • Stir constantly till sugar dissolve and transform into caramel.
  • sur melt 2
  • Add semolina in caramel and stir fast.

muk 3

  • In the beginning you will face difficulty  in mixing because sugar will form lumps but after few minutes you will able to handle it easily.

muk 4

  • Leave it on very low flame because it will take 40 -45 minutes to cook perfectly. So time to time just stir it.
  • When ghee separates add nuts and serve hot.
  • You will feel crunch in the halwa , basically this is a key of perfect Mukhadi.

muk d

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  1. Hi,
    Thank you so much for this delicious recipe. I do have a query. Can we substitute ghee with oil and will it give the same result?
    Thanks ?

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