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IMG_0883MAINBreaking News…!!!! I have a super easy and tasty fondant recipe to share with you all. I must say Fondant with mallows is far easier then other method.Just three ingredients and thats it..:)


Mini Marshmallows 4 cups
Icing sugar4 cups + extra for kneading
Food colorany
Food flavorany
Water2 tsp


  • Assemble all required ingredients on the working place.


  • Grease your rubber spatula with butter. Mallows after melting will be very sticky so you need to grease your spoon.You can use wooden spoon also.


  • Place marshmallows in a large microwave safe bowl and damp these with water .(I have used marshmallows of above brand).


  • Microwave them for 10 seconds.Check them they will pop up and bubbly in texture. Again give 10 seconds. Take them out.
  • With spatula mix them, liquid will form.


  • Add food color ,flavoring and icing sugar , mix.
  • Add more icing sugar till mixture stiff and form a dough shape.


  • Now transfer this to a working area and dust icing sugar on the surface, start kneading. Add sugar when ever required.


  • Use you palms to rub the dough .


  • Now wrap it in a cling wrap and press with hands to remove air from dough,  store it in a cool place if not using it.


  • When needed take it out  roll it again with wet hands and use .


  • In my next post i will tell you to make flowers and other uses of Marshmallows.


  • You can reduce the quantity of ingredients.
  • Use toothpick for adding color in the dough ,do not drop directly.
  • Check mallows expiry date, because it happened with me i microwaved them and they turned into brown color instead of melting..lolzz
  • Cover your dough properly ,otherwise it will become hard.
  • Make flowers and store in an air tight box ,when needed take out and decorate..:)
  • And all Muslim Brothers and Sisters please check Halal product before purchasing.(Thanks to Adan Fatima for mentioning this)

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  1. This is a must try recipe ainy 🙂 thanks for sharing its easiest recipe.. I have searched a lot for the recipe thank God we are not using cream of tartar over here 🙂 that’s the only reason I haven’t got the recipe with marshmallows.. Ingredients easily available at market place I can make it anytime just awesome

  2. Very useful post and great that you posted with stepwise pictures. I am very new for this fondants. Is that marsh mallow avail in India?

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