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budha rock 8Between 399 and 414: The Chinese Buddhist Pilgrim Faxian visited Gilgit Baltistan while in 6th century The King Somana ruled in Palola (greater Gilgit-Chilas). Between 627 and 645: The Chinese Buddhist pilgrim Xuanzang (Hsüan-tsang) travelled through this region. From 644 to 655, 671: Navasurendrādityanandi was King of Palola (Gilgit). In 706/707, Jayamaṅgalavikramādityanandi became the King of Palola. About 720 Buddhism is practiced in Baltistan and Sanskrit was the written language.

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15th century Buddhism was still common in Gilgit Baltistan, while the Tibetan script replaced Sanskrit as the written language.(Information from Wikipedia)

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Buddha Rock is one of the most important relics of Buddhism in Skardu. Its about 3 kilometers from Sadpara Road. Sadpara road will lead you to Sadpara lake. Road is not well constructed but you will enjoy climbing the hill.

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Beautiful streams and scenery will mesmerize you.

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Local boys riding up the hill to Buddha rock.

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Budhha Rock is damaged due to weather and lack of proper care. You will see Carvings of one enormous Buddha stature bounded by small Buddhisatvas.

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A carved script was also visible on rock.

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The scenery from Buddha rock was mind blowing. As I mentioned its on top of the hill and the view from top was amazing.

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The view of Stream from top of the Hill.

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One beautiful stream captured our attention. It was so calm and peaceful there.


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My brother Nauman Noor and Nephew Munim Noor.

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