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mango jelly melly mThis recipe is my own created and tried one. Last year I have posted JELLY MELLY DRINK for kids, which was well appreciated by you all. Now in this summer i am sharing a very delicious shake recipe which your kids will adore 🙂


Mango pulp1 cup
Milk1 glass
Condensed milk2 tbsp or to tatse
Jellies2 flavors of your choice
Ice cream scoop1


  • Prepare jelly and keep them in freezer. I have used frozen jellies.
  • You can use any flavor of jelly.
  • In blender add milk, condensed milk and mango pulp.
  • Blend it till smooth.
  • Pour in a glass and add crushed jellies.
  • You can cut jellies into small pieces and add in serving glasses, pour milk shake on it.
  • You can add ice cream scoop on top as well.
  • Loaded shake is ready for you and your kids.

mango jelly melly d

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