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life in skurdu mSKARDU is a heaven on earth its an oasis of striking beauty , pure and simple living , free of the turmoil. I wish , someday My whole country will be as peaceful, tranquil and welcoming as SKURDU is.

life in skardu rain

As I mentioned in Part 1 that my brother was our host In Skardu. He  posted 2 years ago in Skardu and he maintained his house very well.

lfe in skardu ome

My great interest was a small veggie garden with seasonal vegetables.


life in skardu cabbage

Spinach, it was a bit different from spinach grown in Punjab and Sindh. Leaves were very small.

life in skardu spinach

Red radish.



life in skardu peas

life in skardu peas2

Salad leaves, Mint, Coriander were also part of veggie garden.

A cemented large cage for Hens and Cocks was very interesting for my kids.


like in skardu es

It was interesting to eat Desi eggs in breakfast daily 🙂

life in skardu eggs

life in skardu hn

My nephew Fahad, whose hobby was to run after

life in skardu faad

One more thing which was quite interesting and exciting, was STOVE. In Gilgit/ Skardu natural gas is not available so people use Carosine oil stoves or Lpg gas cylinders. I cooked couple of things on this stove. They kept these stoves outside the kitchen in open air to reduce gas smell and heat.

life in skardu stove

Skardu’s weather is unpredictable. We found it moderate in June thou in Islamabad it was very hot but in Skardu the nights were very cold and windy. Even in June heaters were ON. You can see this special Carosine oil Heater.

life in skardu heater

Winters here are very severe.  I love watching covered tops with snow on mountains from Lawn.

life in skardu lawn

In skardu , Apricot trees and Cherry trees are in abundance. In every home you will see these trees. In my brother’s home Apricot tree was loaded with  unripe apricots.

life in skardu zain

Look how beautiful this tree is looking.

life in skardu apricot tree

A bird house 🙂

bird house

life in skardu apricots on tree

Neighbor of my brother sent Apricots from their tree. The color was very different from apricots we buy from Islamabad. They were looking like small sized peaches to me 🙂

life in skardu apricots

Cherries were in season and we enjoyed fresh , juicy and sweet cherries straight from trees.

life in skardu crries

My brother gifted us a number of Cherry boxes. Which were packed from a nearby Cherry farm.

When I landed in this town, the first impression in my mind was ,  a small , remote village as in Punjab. You will not see any Rickshaw or Taxi in Skardu. Those who can afford have cars and those who have not they travel themselves. Half an hour walk is not a big deal for them 🙂

life in skardu city1

Mostly you will see Balti people here but few Pathans, Punjabis, Hazarians you will see. Mixture of people make Skardu ethnically diverse.

life in skardu city

Shia Islam has a strong presence in Skardu.

life in skurdu city4

One thing which my brother told us , they are very peaceful and crime rate in Skardu is nearly ZERO. So its safe for tourists to go out and visit beautiful place without any fear.

life in skardu rally

The people here are very cooperative and friendly. I went to bazar thou as compare to other cities here things are very limited,  and expensive as compare to Islamabad.

life in skardu new bazar 3

We went to New bazar which was on the main road and bazar was on both sides of road with hundred of shops offer everything.

life in skardu new bazar

life in skardu new bazar2

life in skardu new bazar4

life in skardu bazar

life in skardu bazzar


Purana Bazar (old bazar) is close to New Bazar with old shops.

life in skardu old bazar1

life in skurdu purana bazar

life in skurdu old bazar 2

Interesting thing here is a Female Bazar DARAKSHAN,  where shopkeepers are females.

life in skardu daraksan1

Beauty salon is also in the same bazar. Otherwise you will not see any beauty salon in the city. I went there and met hardworking ladies. One shop attracted me where few ladies were making hand made bed sheets, cushions, hand bags, clutches etc.

life in skardu daraksan 1

life in skardu daraksan 4

life in skardu daraksan2

life in skardu daraksan3

life in skardu darksan 5

life in skardu  darksan 6

These things were beautifully designed by Charsoti embroidery which they told us that a specialty of Baltistan.

life in skardu creative work

Few shops were of female and kids clothes and jewelry.

life in skardu skol

Army Pubic School is the only best school in Skardu.

life in skurdu skol2

Here are some beautiful sceneries which I have captured from the lawn of the house. The beauty was every w

life in skurdu  sky


life in skardu view from lawn



sk 5



life in skardu rose

You should plan to visit this beautiful place with your family.Next I will post my experience of traveling from Islamabad to Skardu by Plane. 🙂

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