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I like Italian cuisine…most of Pakistanis like LASAGNA ,but I bring modified version of lasagna i.e  LASAGNA CUPS . And very important thing is , you can add chicken, vegetable ,fish or prawn filling. Smart looking cups with different taste must be in your menu list.



lasagna pasta sheets as needed  (boil as directed on box)



onion  1 small minced

chicken   1 cup boiled

pizza sauce  2 tbsp


crushed red chilli  1/2 tsp

butter/olive oil  2 tbsp


In a pan add butter and onion …sauté it for few mins then add chicken and fry for 5 mins. Now add pizza sauce and all other ingredients ,mix well and set  aside.



Parmesan cheese

cottage cheese

mozzarella cheese

egg  1


Mix all grated cheese ,but keep half mozzarella cheese aside for topping….



Grease muffins tray and place small lasagna sheet in the base now fold lasagna sheet to give the shape of cup and carefully place in tray now pour spoonful of sauce and then cheese filling , again sauce, In the end, top it with mozzarella cheese ,repeat this procedure with all cups and bake it for 20 mins … check if the cheese bubbling then take it out n serve hot ..Oh yes do not  forget  to sprinkle oregano on top….

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