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IMG_0603Kund Park is a very beautiful place.It is situated on the confluence of river Kabul & Indus on the main G.T Road near Attock bridge. Due to its unique location the park has become a recreation spot for the people.

IMG_0347We entered in KPK….:)

IMG_0503River from GT road.

IMG_0330Historical Tomb of Attock on GT Road.


IMG_0343Bahram Khan Baradari

IMG_0351Attock Qila/ Castle


Beautiful entrance of KPK

You can cross the river to get into the park by boats or cable cars or take a road trip from a small town Jehangera, thou road is not well constructed but if you are a nature lover then you will definitely enjoy fields and rural areas of KPK. We took a road trip to get into the park.


Jahangera Town , KPK.


IMG_0685Small Village

IMG_0663 Fields



There was a small zoo inside the Kund Park,before 2010.


Zoological Garden was an attractions for tourists.In late July, 2010 Pakistan floods resulted in severe damage at Kund Park. As many as 23 bears that were living in the sanctuary lost when the water rose as high as 60 feet above river level.Leopards, deer and bears all drowned as the murky waters
quickly engulfed them.Lost all its wildlife including 100 endangered species in this year’s flood crisis.It was the worst single natural destruction of wildlife in Pakistan.The floods had crippled the park’s perimeter and destroyed the bear centre. The sanctuary started out as a research station in 2000 to provide veterinary care and shelter to 27 bears formerly used for baiting. Fifty turtles kept for research purposes were also washed away and killed.
KPK government re-constructed this park.


IMG_0738My niece Aizah in the park.


River side


IMG_0865maCable car on the river.


Decorated Boats

We tried bbq food from a road side Dhabba style restaurant which is famous for fresh water fish fry and bbq.It was a memorable trip for us.


Do not miss this delicious Tikka recipe in my next post..:)


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