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kofta curry mainKofta gravy is a simple gravy . A lot of people consider this kofta making a difficult task but i have learned this from my mom and inshallah you will find this delicious and easy. You can call it Kofta qorma as well….:)


Beef/ Chicken/ Mutton boneless1/2 kg
Onion2 medium
Ginger1 inch piece
Garlic2 large cloves
Green chillies3 medium size
Coriander leaves1/4 cup
Bread slice1
Saltto taste
Red chilli powder1 tsp
All spice powder/ garam masala 1/2 tsp
Cumin seeds1/2 tsp


  • In a chopper add all ingredients and chop till finely minced.
  • Leave mixture for 10-15 minutes and then make balls of desire size.
  • Prepare gravy.

kofta d 1


Onion2 large
Ginger garlic paste1 tbsp
Red chilli powder1 tbsp
Saltto taste
Coriander powder1 tsp
Turmeric powder1/2 tsp
Whole spices1 tbsp mix
All spice powder1/2 tsp
Coriander leavesfew
Oil1 cup or as needed
Yogurt1/2 cup


  • In a pot add oil and sliced onion, fry till light brown, Remove it on a paper towel. Grind onion and set aside.
  • Now  add whole spices and  ginger garlic paste in the same oil , fry for 5 minutes.
  • Now add all spices and yogurt except all spice powder/garam masala . Add 2 tbsp water and stir constantly.
  • Keep on stirring ( we call this bhunai in urdu) by adding 2 tbsp water , as soon as oil separates add koftas and rotate pot to turn the sides of koftas. If you will use spoon to rotate on this stage, they might open/ break.

kofta d 2

  • Keep on rotating pot time to time till color of koftas change.
  • Add water and let it boil. Now add brown onion paste in it and cover lid. Let it cook till thick gravy form and oil separates.

kofta wd water

  • Sprinkle all spice powder and coriander leaves. Let it simmer for few minutes and serve with Naan or Chapati.

kofta curry simmer

For Another recipe of Koftas you can click the link below:


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  1. Salam sister ,
    I came across your website today, mashaAllah, everything looks really good.
    I want to try few of your recipes, but i would like to request you for the recipe of your garam masala. Every garam masala gives a diffrent taste.
    I hope you can share your recipe.
    Thanks in advance,

      1. Thank you very much. I will surely be in touch, and will update you on all your delicious recipes that i try.
        Will be waiting for garam masala recipe.
        Thanks again

  2. I want chicken pizza recipe.. i want recipe and the first thing recipe willbe easy, and i doesn’t have microwave… so i want recipe without using microwaves. Thanx

    1. Walikumusalam, Kinz because of some technical reasons it was not operational inshallah in few days we would be able to fix the problem.

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