Kids all time favorite….. you can do some variation , like I do for my kids. You can take long boneless stripes of chicken and then marinate with the same ingredients and then deep fry them again with the same batter  ingredients , serve it with any sauce and enjoy .

Ingredients :

8      chicken pieces

Salt  to taste

1tsp     white pepper

1/2tsp      Mustard powder

2tbsp        vinegar/lemon juice

*Steam chicken for 15 mins n marinate above ingredients in it.




4tbsp           Flour/meida

1/2cup     milk

1tbsp          corn flour

2           eggs

2tbsp      chilli sauce

1/2tsp      backing powder

1/2tsp        white pepper

1cup            corn flakes  (crushed)

1 cup             meida/ flour (for coating)

To taste     salt



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