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I first made this pudding when I was just 13-14 years old. My mother was Kokab Khuaja’s recipe follower and I, with her help made this for the first time. Kokab Aunty is my first inspiration after my mother. She used jaleebi which is a traditional sweet of Pakistan. I experienced different colors of jaleebi in different cities, light golden in Karachi, mostly orange in Punjab and red in Peshawar. But one thing is common in all, TASTE… 🙂


Milk2 cups
Jaleebi5-6 pieces
Vanilla essencefew drops


  • Beat eggs with hand beater then add sugar and milk ,beat again then mix vanilla essence in it .
  • now in a mold pour the mixture ,in the original recipe its mentioned that we need to soak jaleebi in this mixture for 15 minutes.I am not following this because i do not like very soft jaleebi in pudding ,what i am doing after making mixture of eggs transfer it in mold and then add broken pieces of jaleebi in it .
  • Now place the mold in oven at 160c and bake till knife comes out clean.
  • You can place mold on griddle /tawa and cover with steel plate place any heavy thing on plate and cook on very low flame till perfectly done.


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