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freezer binsHow about freezing your baked goods in freezer.Here i will tell you about few things which you can freeze for few weeks or months.My own experience…:)

  • PIZZA DOUGH: You can freeze pizza base in freezer for a month, just half bake the dough and let it cool completely then seal in zip lock bag. Freeze it. Before use thaw it on room temperature and use it.
  • CUPCAKES AND BROWNIES: Without frosting and cutting store brownies in an air tight container or Zip lock bag. Do the same with cupcakes. Before use thaw it and then microwave it for 1 minute.Now do frosting and serve.
  • PUFF PASTRY: You can store puff pastry for a year ,when needed thaw it and use it.
  • COOKIE DOUGH: You can freeze cookie dough in airtight box for a month when want to use, thaw it and roll again with flour and cut it in shapes and bake.
  • PIE SHELLS: Bake pie shells and then let them cool completely, now freeze them for few hours. When they will become hard store them in zip lock double wrap. Thaw on room temperature and use.

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