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Friends, regular activities, balanced and healthy diet, reduced calories can help you stay on track. If you love eating foods then you are not going to lose weight…
This article is very informative and helpful. I am glad to introduce a Pakistani Blog to you, where you can read tips and information in Urdu too. A young and enthusiastic boy Talha Wahid is behind this inspiring script. You can visit his blog for more Info here:


These are the exact words I were listening every day from the so-called experts who lost some pounds when I was trying to lose weight.

It hurts me a lot and a lot…

If you love eating foods then you are not going to lose weight…

You might also be facing these kinds of killer words from your family members or even some advised you to stop eating everything and rely on bread…

But I am going to tell you a plan that you could still lose weight when you are eating 3 times a day. Sound’s Interesting? Let me tell you the real story of weight loss…

You might also be thinking some time that people who are eating a lot but still losing weight are very lucky but it’s actually not…

But the difference in you and those lucky people is that they knew which foods are beneficial for their body physique and will never be going to gift them the extra calories…

So, if you are also eating those foods your weight will be reduced quickly with your physical activities…Yes it’s that easy man

Let’s jump to our actual Plan:

Find and Stop Eating High calories foods:

Most of the people want to filter their diet plan and remove the high calories food from their list but they don’t know the exact method…

I mean who’s that free to read the labels and ingredients for finding the exact calories every time…

Here’s the Formula:

Just stop eating the foods from the shopping bags, wait what?

Yes, I mean the processed food from the market including your favorite burgers, pizza, nuggets and the list goes on…

And all the other foods which you buy from the market like Biryani, Qorma and our other traditional food items…

Why stop eating these Items?

The processed foods which we love to eat from the market are totally loaded with oil and calories and are your enemies in weight loss.

I must tell you that our digestion system is not smart enough to digest these foods completely without exercise…

So, these foods get stored in our body in the form of fats and calories which you know very difficult to burn.

When you are going to lose weight then you don’t need the extra calories even you need to burn the old calories, so stop eating these items immediately if you love your body.

Start Eating Low-Calories Natural Foods:

You might be thinking that I had already stopped you from eating everything by saying to stop eating from market but it’s actually not…

“Not from eating market” never means this Sunday you are going to the store for buying bread and mayonnaise and make the burgers at home.

Then what will you eat?

As I have already mentioned above that when you are trying to lose weight you need to stop eating extra calories and start burning the old calories.

So, for stopping yourself from eating the fats and calories you need to start eating the natural foods.

Natural foods are very low calories and your digestion system can easily process them without any exercise.

But which Natural Foods, you are saying?

The foods which are not processed and can be taken directly and those qualities are in Vegetables and Fruits.

Yes, as you are the taste lover so you could eat every single recipe of vegetables without adding any kind of meat.

In your this diet plan, you could also eat your favorite fruits even after eating 3 times in a day.

So in a nutshell: Your diet plan will be eating the protein breakfast at morning like bread with egg and cup of tea, Lunch with your favorite vegetable and in Dinner again the vegetable recipes.

If you feel hungry in between the meals then eat your favorite fruits except for banana.

After maintaining your eating routine around tasty vegetables and fruits now you are not gaining any extra fats and calories and your body is ready to lose the weight.

But I must say don’t break your routines…

Start Doing some Cardio Exercise:

I know most of the foodies don’t enjoy doing the exercise…

But here’s the deal…

You just need to do the exercise for 25-30 minutes… yes, it’s that easy…

Simply select your favorite cardio from running, walking, jogging, rope jumping and start doing it for 20 minutes then after some days increase your time to 30 minutes.

If you are eating the vegetables and fruits and doing little cardio exercise session believe me soon you are going to see some big results.

Sip some weight Loss drinks:

Most of the people who are trying the weight loss drinks are not on the right diet plan and this is the reason it never helped them in losing extra calories…

Here’s the Secret…

If you are drinking the weight loss drinks (Green tea is the best) after your exercise session then you will get the maximum benefits from it in less time possible.

You can also try some time black coffee without cream and other weight loss drinks but without sugar when green tea is not looking the best option to you.

So, by just sipping the green tea after exercise you would burn the more calories.


When you are trying to lose weight in an easy way then, first of all, you need to find and remove the high calories food from your diet as I mentioned above.

Then you need to find and make the list of your favorite vegetables and start eating those in your lunch and dinner on the daily basis.

After some days when you think that your diet plan is well settled and you are ready for the next step then start the cardio exercise with little session and go to the maximum time duration.

Don’t ever try to starve for losing more weight because it’s not the good way, just keep eating natural and losing weight slowly but effectively.

Now the important thing is that you will follow this very easy weight loss plan or just forget it in some days, as we know if we need to reach our goals then take the first action…it’s very important You can also read some more exciting weight loss guides at Fit Pakistani.

How are you going to stop eating high calories and start eating low calories? let me know in the comments.


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