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I always prefer home made food. Papri is a very easy side dish with chaat , without papri flavour of chat and dahi phulki is incomplete. Either you want to make papri chat or want to serve with chat ,homemade papri is best…try it yourself.


meida  1/2 cup

soji  1/4 cup

oil  2 tbsp

salt  pinch

ajwain  pinch

water  for kneading


In a bowl add all ingredients and knead with luke warm water make a firm dough and set a side for 20 mins…then make two balls of dough and roll it ,make very thin roti cut in any shape i.e circle ,square or diamond and fry in oil till golden brown.Spread on paper towel and let it cool down ,it will become crispy when become cool …enjoy this crispy papri with chana chat or you can  make papri chat as well…:)


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