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Haleem/ Daleem is a famous Pakistani dish.  This is highly nutritious main course, either make it with  chicken or  beef will tempt all.


Beef or Chicken (boneless) 1 kg
Onion (sliced) 2
Gandum/Wheat 2 cups
Channa Daal 1 cup
Barley/Jou 1 cup
Moong Lentil 1/4 cup
Massor Lentil 1/4 cup
Ginger Garlic Paste 2 tbsp
Chili Powder 3 tbsp
Coriander Powder 3 tbsp
Salt to taste
Turmeric 1 tbsp
Cumin (roasted and crushed) 2 tbsp
Garam Masala /All Spice Powder 2 tbsp
Oil (for frying onions) 1 cup

Garnish for haleem:

No measurements required its up to your taste.

Chopped coriander leaves
Mint leaves
Green chilies chopped
Chat masala
Brown onion


  • Soak wheat, barley and gram lentil in plenty of water overnight. You can soak other two lentils as well but I normally soak them in the morning just for 1 hour.
  • Now cook all lentils in a large pot with at least 12 glasses of water (I usually cook them in cooker because in my area lentils and meat take a lot of time to tender ).
  • In a large pot add oil 1 cup and sliced onion, fry till golden brown, then add ginger garlic paste and all other spices. Add meat and cook for 10 minutes.
  • Now add water and cook till meat is tender. Shred meat and grind lentils, then mix them both and cook on low flame.
  • Use wooden masher for mashing and mixing all ingredients.
  • Cook till required consistency is achieved.
  • Now in a small pan heat up ¼ cup oil and one sliced onion and fry till golden brown, pour this over Haleem (this is a bhagar)
  • Serve with all garnishes and enjoy this all time favorite dish…

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  1. Assalamu Alikum Ainy,
    I’ve been trying out your recipes for a few months now and I honestly love everything I’ve tried. Masha’Allah you have a great talent and I believe your blog is one of the best Pakistani food blogs out there 🙂 May Allah put barakah in your life and in your cooking as well 🙂
    Btw I made haleem last night and it turned out simply awesome. 10/10

    1. Walikumusalam Madiha, Your single word is an energy booster for me sister. I am humbly honored. Thanks a lot. 🙂

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