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icejamun mInteresting idea Isn’t it?? I know you will first hesitate but you will definitely like the taste and combination of Gulab jamuns and cream.
You can chek the recipe of BARFELI JAMUN , which I learned from Chef Ashok.


Cream1 cup
Gulab jamunas needed , small sized
Icing sugarto taste
Food colorfew drops
Essencefew drops


  • Beat cream ,add icing sugar , food color (you can use any food color of your choice or if you want to make chocolate ice cream then add cocoa in cream ).
  • I have used pinch of red color and strawberry essence , beat again.
  • In an air tight container pour cream then place small sized jamuns in it with distance.Pour remaining cream and cover tightly.
  • Freeze till set completely.
  • Garnish and serve.
  • I have added chopped strawberries in cream this step is optional.

icejamun d

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