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If you are bbq lover like me and my husband then this recipe is a must try recipe for you. I picked this recipe from a blog while blog surfing and i was thinking , why they have used tomato paste in tikka? First I thought I should skip this from recipe but I  added tomatoes in my recipe just to experiment this different ingredient, and believe me I was so happy when I got alot of appreciation, the flavor of tomato paste was so good ,I must say this is a big WOW recipe 🙂


chicken  1 kg  cut in 8 pieces

ginger garlic fresh paste  3 tbsp

tomato paste   2 tbsp

green chilli paste   2 tsp

lemon juice   2  tsp

butter   3 tbsp  (melt it )

raw papaya paste   2 tbsp


red chilli powder  to taste bc ur using green chillies also

haldi powder   1 tsp

cumin powder  1 tsp

ajwin  crushed   1 tsp


In a bowl mix all ingredients ,now give cuts to chicken and marinate it with masala ,now leave it for 6-7 hours ,prick it also so masala can easily penetrate in chicken pieces … can grill,bbq or even make them in pot  ,if you are making in pot then add 2 tbsp oil first then cook it in a pot ,give smoke in the end.If u r backing then bake it for 1 hr on 180 c….serve with salad.



meida  1 cup

salt  pinch

wheat flour  2tbsp

ghee   2 tbsp

sugar   1tbsp

egg   1  beaten

water for kneading


In a pan add ghee and fry flour in it then remove from stove and mix egg and sugar then mix it with flour, again cook it ,stir fast and let sugar dissolve .Now set this mixture aside.

In meida mix salt and knead it with water ,dough should be soft.leave it for 1-2 hrs.

Now make equal size balls and roll them and make small roti then apply egg mixture ,now cut one side  roll it and make a parah again.Roll it and make thin roti and fry in ghee…..

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