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IMG_1493Gosh e feel also known as elephant ears or Hathi ke kan is a sweet Afghan pastry.This is very easy and simple, Afghan lady told me that they normally serve this on special occasions, Eids or parties. She told me, she can make large size Gosh e feel hundred in numbers at a time for large gatherings.

She used her own Pasta machine for demonstration…. afterwards she, on my request brought it from Afghanistan for me. She and her daughter demonstrated the process for me.









Flour2 1/2 cups
Eggs2 small
Baking powder2 pinch
Cardamom powder1/2 tsp
Oil1/2 tsp (add in flour)
Milk1/2 cup (for kneading)
Sugar (grind it into fine powder)as needed
Oil for frying


  • In a large bowl mix flour , baking powder, cardamom, oil, salt and eggs.
  • Knead with milk, knead it very well approximately for 15 minutes.Cover with cling wrap and leave for 1/2 hour .
  • Dust flour on work place and knead one more time before use.Divide dough into equal halves.
  • Use pasta machine for rolling ,if you have. Otherwise you can roll it with pin wheel as thin as you can.
  • You can make two shapes which are famous, one is a bow shape and other one is oval shape like an elephant ear.
  • Now fry till light golden and sprinkle sugar on hot ears.You can sprinkle pistachio powder as well.




Water2 cups
Black or green tea leavesas needed
Cardamom2 pods
Sugarto taste.


  • Boil water.
  • Add black / green tea leaves and cardamom.
  • Cover with lid and turn off the flame. Leave it for few minutes.
  • Strain, add sugar in cups and pour kehwa.
  • Serve….:)

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