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g mDifferent name isn’t it???? Yes a very different and tasty cake you can say highly traditional cheese cake..lolz. Thou season of carrots are about to end but i will recommend you to try once in this season.


Carrots1 kg
Milk1/2 kg
Sugarto taste
Nutsas needed
Butter/ ghee1/2 cup
Cream cheese1 cup
Cream1 cup
Icing sugaras needed
Vanilla essencefew drops.


  • Grate carrots and transfer in a pan. Add sugar and milk and cook till dry.
  • Add butter or ghee and cook till butter separates.
  • You can add nuts and cardamom also.
  • Now in a spring pan spread this evenly with flat spoon and set aside.
  • Beat cream cheese with sugar and vanilla essence.
  • Beat cream and mix in cream cheese.
  • Spread on gajrella/carrots and let it set.

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  • Enjoy a very different desi style cheese cake. 🙂

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  1. Here I wud love to ask you if cream cheese is not available then what to b replacement? Second thing normally in cheese cake a base of biscuits. Or cake crumbs r made. It is missing here.

    1. Yes in this recipe our base is carrot halwa, please use cream cheese for topping no replacements…:)

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