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carrot-zarda-mI have tried this recipe first time in this winter season and believe me the end result was super dooper delicious. Recipe is a bit different from basic zarda recipe but taste is too good.


Rice1/2 kg, boiled
Carrot grated3 medium
Sugar1/2 kg
Milk1/2 cup
Koya1/2 cup
Pistachios as needed
Coconut gratedas needed
Oil/ ghee1/2 cup


  • Spread carrot in a frying pan and stir till water of its own get dried.
  • Divide carrot, rice and sugar in two portions.
  • In a pot add oil/ ghee now layer one portion of rice and carrots with 2 tbsp milk.
  • Repeat the process. Add 2 tbsp milk on top.
  • Put it on griddle on low flame for 10-15 minutes.
  • Remove from heat and add all nuts and khoya.


  • Serve hot and enjoy in winters  🙂



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