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women day fomic flower mmThis post is dedicated to all my friends on Women Day 8th March 2017. Very easy method which you can make in no time. Arrange these flowers in a pot or make a bouquet.

women day fomic flower d2
  • You  need different colors fomic glitter sheets, hot glue gun, wooden skewer, green tape, Clay pot, Ribbons, Card board for making wishing cards.
  • I have used spray pant to color clay pot and let it dry.
  • Now take pieces of thrmopore and cover with green crape paper and insert in pot. Pot is ready.
  • Wrap sticks with green tape.
  • Make a flower on sheet and cut it, cut different colors. Take heart shape chocolate and stick it with glue gun, just use 1-2  drops to stick on flower.
women day fomic flower d1
  • Prepare all flowers.
women day fomic flower d
  • Cut cards and write wishes.
women day fomic flower d4


women day fomic flower d5
  • Arrange on pot or make a bouquet.



women day fomic flower d3
  • Present it to your Friends or Family 🙂
women day fomic flower dd

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