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feta roll bites mThis party food is healthy and tasty. I have prepared Feta rolls and then arranged them on Peek Freans . Thou you can try  Veggie flavor of Peek Freans too but I prefer  Peek Freans Original . You will surely love this recipe.


Cucumber rollsas needed.
Peek Freans 1 packet
Tomato slicesas needed
Lemon wedgesas needed
Mayonnaise as required


feta roll bites dd

  • For Cucumber Rolls please visit this link : CUCUMBER FETA ROLLS.
  • Prepare these rolls and keep in refrigerator. Take them out just before serving and place crackers on platter.
  • Place a tomato slice on cracker then cucumber feta roll and lemon wedge. Secure them with tooth pick.
  • You can sprinkle chili flakes too.
  • Spread Mayonnaise on crackers if you like.
  • Serve .

feta roll bites d

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