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apcMore then a month has gone by since the dreadful Peshawar school attack but the wounds are still fresh.On December 16, over 150 people, mostly schoolchildren, were martyred when militants attacked the Army Public School in Peshawar.
All the schools of Pakistan resumed there academic activities two weeks ago on Monday. My eyes were tear brightened and heart was filled with grief after watching First day of APS students. Surviving children showed remarkable resilience, courage and determination to continue their educational pursuits.
yesterday my son’s school management sent us security set ups done by them and a poem, for boosting up spirits and morals of students and parents.

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I am a mother and my heart breaks with every post, every article and every picture of Martyrs…


These innocent faces we can not forget. It is a cowardly and monstrous soul that can commit an act of violence and murder against innocent children. Their acts of violence do great harm to Islam and turn the hearts of the whole world against them. Acts of kindness and charity will have a far more positive influence on the people of the world than these barbaric deeds.

Pakistan ARMY SONG 2015 – Bara Dushman Bana… by naeemchatha

I hope the friends and families of those Martyrs and injured can find the strength to cope with the awful suffering they are enduring. May Allah protect all our kids from these monsters. Ameen.

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