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I picked this recipe from the book of Chef Zakir , its not only tasty but also very easy. As you know pasta is a very good partener of other nutritious food and its great to pair pasta with vegetables, meat ,beans ,olive oil and much more.


pasta   as needed  (boil as directed on the box)or  2 cups boiled

boiled chicken  as needed or 1 cup

carrot  1  large cut in cubes

capsicum    1  large  cut in cubes

cabbage     1  cup shred

onion   1  small

garlic   2  cloves  small

white pepper    1/2 tsp

black pepper    1 tsp


oyster sauce   1 tbsp

soya  sauce   2 tbsp

oil     2 tbsp


In a pan add oil and onion , saute it and add crushed garlic.Garlic will give a different aroma to your pasta,now add boiled chicken fry it and add vegetables but keep in your mind carrot should be boiled.Cook well on high flame then add pasta and all spices and sauces , mix well .Just cook for 2-3 mins and serve.

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