Hi friends a very sweet and chocolaty happy new year 🙂 I was thinking to wish you all in my style and as I mentioned before I love sweets and chocolate so instantly I decided to make “2013 doughnut”… It was an exciting activity for me and my kids. Hope you will like it as well. Top of all today its a beginning of a new journey of my website. I would like to thank my husband, without his support and efforts it couldn’t be possible. I will end with this wish for you and for myself as well..

New year comes to give us a fresh hope
For a better future and success
New Year gives us dream for that
We will face challenges with confidence
On this new year may your dreams and hopes
succeed with the blessings of God
Happy New Year and Seasons greetings to all…..


Plain Flour 2 cup
Icing Sugar 3/4 cup
Instant Yeast 2 tsp
Salt a pinch
Powder Milk 1 tbsp
Egg 1
Butter 3 tbsp



Cooking Chocolate 4 oz
Butter 1/2 cup
Icing Sugar 2 cups
Milk 1/4 cup


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    1. just for 3-4 hours in winter and 2-3 hours in summer ,keep ur dough in warm area i mean near stove.And thank u Maria for appreciation ,i will post couple of recipes today ,check them also .They r must try and super easy recipes for kids…:)

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