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IMG_0989I have mentioned in my last post about the versatility of DOLCE DE LECHE. I am going to share cupcake recipe with dolce de leche topping.Highly irresistible and tempting.

One thing i will clear about Dolce de leche and Caramel, these two are very different. DDL is made from condensed milk or milk and sugar, on other hand Caramel is made from sugar and water.Taste of both are different.In fact very different…:)



Vanilla Muffinsas needed
Dolce de leche as needed
Cream for topping


  • Make cupcakes with “VANILLA CUPCAKES” recipe.
  • Now scoop out , from the center of the cake. Fill this pit with dolce de leche and set aside.
  • Top with cream and drizzle dolce de leche or caramel.
  • Keep in fridge and serve after 10-15 minutes.

Please Click to check the recipe of  DOLCE DE LECHE and VANILLA CUPCAKES .



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