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IMG_9502mMake your bidh or other gifts memorable with simple decoration.Here are few gifts and bidh which i have decorated for my Brother’s wedding.These decorative gifts were designed by me with elegance and care for my brother and sister in law. DSC00666Jewellery box   DSC00306 Ring Case decorated with Italian dough flowers.   DSC00374 Bidh basket decorated with Dried leaves.Flower i have made from Corn leaves.   DSC00375 Bidh Basket   DSC00370 Seasonal dry fruit Basket.   IMG_8466 Bride’s Bangles.   426213_206807999420651_1632635491_n Gift for Bride.   432313_206809049420546_708073087_n   IMG_8897   Bidh Tokri   IMG_8917Tokri for Bidh Pouches   IMG_8893 Bidh Matki for Bride. These are few of my Decoration ideas.Hope you liked these…:)

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