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This is my mother’s special dessert. She used to include this in her eid menus. I don’t know from where she took this recipe, but one thing is  sure that you will love it if you are a sweets lover.


Dessicated Coconut 1 cup
Sugar Powder 1/2 cup or as desired
Ghee 2 tbsp
Illaichi (crushed) 4
Eggs 3
Cream 1/2 pack


  • In a pan add ghee and illaich and let it crackle.
  • Now add coconut in it, but flame should be very low. Fry it till light golden.
  • Now add sugar but add in small quantity first, then mix
  • Now check if you required more then add sugar again.
  • Add beaten eggs in it and mix well.
  • Cook till smell of eggs is gone.
  • Now add cream in the end and mix well till ghee separates from mixture.

Note: You can spread it on butter paper and cut in shapes or present as I did. You can add food colour as well if you like.

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