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A very easy and simple recipe, this is my guarantee your family will love this sweet treat…:) .I created this recipe with mango and believe me the taste of mango and chocolate will give you a very unique taste.


Puff pastry1 packet
Nutella/chocolate sauce1 cup
Mangoas needed
Eggfor brushing.


  • Thaw puff pastry and dust flour on surface then roll with rolling pin to make a thin flat circle.
  • Grease tart pan or mini pizza pan ,cut puff pastry with round mug or cutter .
  • Place this on tray and poke with fork.
  • Brush egg wash on outer edges of pastry and bake till pastry puff up and become golden brown.You can make small s
  • Let it cool down for a while then spread Nutella or can use chocolate sauce on the pastry ,keep this in fridge until set .
  • Just before serving top this tart with mango cubes and serve.
  • You can dust icing sugar on top also.


In a saucepan add cooking chocolate 1 cup and cream 2 tbsp,Let it melt completely and then pour on pastry shells.

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