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cold cake 1 mA long ago Cooking expert Kokab Khwaja taught this in a cooking show, very easy and sinfully delicious. I will post few more recipes of cold cakes in coming days.


Marie Biscuits1 large packet
Sugar10 tsp
Cocoa1 tbsp
Butter6 oz


  • Break each biscuit into three. set aside.
  • In a pan add butter, let it soft then add eggs, cocoa powder, sugar. Flame should be low.
  • With whisk mix well till smooth and thick.
  • Now add chopped nuts and biscuits. Coat well.
  • Take a plastic bag and carefully fill in this mixture. Tap on surface and with light hands press it down then roll it and make a cylinder shape.
  • Keep in refrigerator till set. Remove plastic bag and cut slices.
  • Serve immediately.

cold cake d

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