When i first time experienced these delicious naans i was so happy to get a very good recipe which we can enjoy as an evening snack or can give our kids in lunch boxes.


Pizza doughfor 1 large pizza
Chicken bone less1 cup
Capsicum1 medium
Onion1 small
Crushed black pepper1/tbsp
Crushed red chilli1 tsp
Saltto taste
Whole coriander seeds1/2 tsp crushed
Gram masala /whole spice powder1/4 tsp
Olive/ vegetable Oil 2 tbsp
Cheeseas needed


  • In a pan heat oil and add onion,saute it and add chicken and all other spices.
  • Cook chicken till properly cook then add capsicum and olives finely chopped.You can add chopped coriander also.Let it cool down completely.
  • For dough recipe you can see the link:
  • Transfer dough on a flat surface and mix all cooked ingredients.
  • Knead it well.Roll it with rolling pin and cut small circles or any shape of your choice.
  • On the surface spread cheese and olives and bake it .
  • Enjoy with any sauce or ketchup.
  • You can make naans and freeze them in zip lock bags ,when needed just thaw them and bake…:)


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