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Jalfrezi  along with fried rice, a very tasty combination .In my opinion those who do not like Chinese cuisine because of less mirch masalas can easily consume this dish. Like in my family most of the people do not like Chinese but Jalfrezi is their favorite of all.


chicken in cubes  1/2 kg

onion cut in cubes      2 medium

capsicum   cut in cubes     2 medium size

tomato     cut in cubes   3 medium

green chilli   3-4  slitted

oil   3 tbsp

yogurt   1/2 cup


Chinese salt   1 tsp

black ppr freshly ground   1 tsp

red chilli powder   1 tsp

haldi/turmeric  1/2 tsp

corn flour   1 tbsp

soya seeds  1/4 tsp


Cook half tomatoes in oil till mashy then add chicken cubes and all spices on high flame, add yogurt also. Stir constantly as soon as chicken’s color change ,add 3 tbsp water and cover the lid …let it cook till chicken tender .Now add capsicum ,onion ,tomatoes n green chillies ,mix all well give 5 mins to vegetables,do not over cook the vegetables and  dish it out….serve with rice….



boiled rice   3 cups

peas   1 cup

capsicum   1  large in cube cut

cabbage   1/2 cup

carrot    1/4 cup chopped

onion   1  small  chopped

soya sauce  2 tbsp


black ppr  1 tsp

white ppr  1/2 tsp

eggs   2

spring onion handful    if u want to add


In a pan add oil and heat it up then add beaten eggs in it , fry them .Take them out and add vegetables saute them ….now add rice and all other spices, mix well with light hand in, the end mix eggs in it…. serve hot.

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