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This recipe is very simple, You can make this pie with pizza dough or puff pastry. Flaky and crispy outside creamy and tasty filling inside will give you a very yummy feelings.


Chicken boiled and shredded 1 cup
Onion chopped1 medium
Butter1 tbsp
Black pepper1/2 tsp
Chicken powder1 tsp
Saltto taste
Red chili flakes1 tsp or to taste
Flour2 tbsp
Milk3/4 cup
Egg1 beaten
Sesame seedsas needed
Puff pastry or pizza doughas needed


  • In a pan add butter and onion, stir it for few seconds. Add flour and stir till raw smell remove.
  • Add chicken and mix well.
  • Now add chicken powder, salt, black pepper and crushed red chilies. Mix well.
  • Add chicken milk and stir well. Thick mixture will form.
  • Roll puff pastry or pizza dough.
  • Cut in squares.
  • Fold the corner and cut a strip as mentioned in pic.
  • Do this on opposite sides.
  • Place a spoon full of mixture in center and brush egg wash on all corners.
  • Overlap both sides.
  • Brush egg wash on top of pie, sprinkle sesame seeds.
  • Bake at 180c till done.
  • Enjoy with ketchup or ant sauce.



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