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chicken cheese pockets mA perfect recipe for Iftar , Kid’s lunch boxes and Hi teas. You can make them and freeze, just before time take them out dip in egg and coat bread crumbs, fry and serve. You will defiantly get an appreciation from you family and friends.


Boiled and shredded chicken 1 cup
Vegetable cut finely
(cabbage, carrot, capsicum)
1/2 cup
Saltto taste
Oil1-2 tbsp
Soya sauce1 tbsp
Ajino moto1/2 tsp
Ketchup2 tbsp
Black pepper1 tsp
Mayonaise2 tbsp
Mozzarella cheeseas needed
Bread crumbsas needed
Flour paste for bindingas needed


  • In oil add chicken and stir for few seconds, now add soya sauce, salt, ajino moto,  black pepper, ketchup and mix well. Now add vegetables in it and stir for few seconds. Let it cool a bit and add mayonnaise and cheese in it. You can add red chili flakes also. You can omit cheese.

chicken cheese pockets 1

  • Take fresh bread and cut in circles.

chicken cheese pockets 2

  • Roll them with rolling pin.

chicken cheese pockets 3

  • Place chicken mixture in center and place second circle on top. Seal edges with flour paste. ( in 2 tbsp. flour/ maida add 3 -4 tbsp. water to make a thick paste )

chicken cheese pockets 4


chicken cheese pockets 5

  • Make all pockets, Dip in beaten egg and coat with crumbs. You can freeze them on this stage.

chicken cheese pockets d

  • You can make only pockets too, without filling. Join two circles and dip in egg and coat in crumbs, fry on medium flame. Cut from center and fill any filling of your choice.

chicken cheese pockets ddd

  • Enjoy with ketchup or any dip.

chicken cheese pockets dd

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