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Today is my niece Aizah Noor’s second birthday.Right from the very first time we held her in our arms, we knew she is special. Today we find ourselves really happy to see her grown up so beautifully. Happy Birthday to our little princess.

Of all that makes you YOU.
Count a blessing for each candle
Have your cake and eat it too!
Unwrap this day and savor it
And all the love that’s there
Send a dream-wish straight to
Heaven on the wings of prayer
Remember what a blessing you are
Even after this day is gone.
You’re a gem, a priceless treasure
Let yourself shine on! Happy Birthday!

Thou we are far from you but you are in our hearts sweetie….Your Aunt is sending a lot of wishes to you…. health, success and lots of happiness. And you will have all the good in the world and all your dreams will come true. INSHALLH…:)

For my special niece a special cake ,a special dedication on her special occasion. A home version Devil’s Food Cake with a cream topping.



Plain flour1 1/2 cups
Powdered sugar1 1/2 cups
eggs2 nos
Baking soda1 1/4 tsp
Buttermilk3/4 cup
Warm Coffee1/2 cup
Vegetable oil1/3 cup
Cocoa powder 1/2 cup
Salt1/2 tsp
Vanilla essencefew drops


  • Sieve flour,baking powder and cocoa powder and then mix salt and sugar in it.
  • In a bowl  whisk eggs, butter milk ,oil and vanilla essence  then add flour in this batter and mix well.Pour coffee in it and mix.
  • Pour in a 9 inch greased pan and bake at 180c for 25 minutes.
  • When cool, divide in halves.
  • Soak cake with cherry syrup ,you can soak with sugar syrup too.
  • Ready for icing…:)



Cherries (canned/fresh/frozen)3 cups
Sugar1/2 cup
Water2 tbsp
Fresh Cream 2 packets
Icing sugarto taste
Pink/red food colorfew drops
Corn starch (for thickening cherry filling)1 tbsp



  • Whip cream by adding icing sugar and few drops of red color in it.
  • In a small pan add cherries , sugar and 2 tbsp water cook till sugar dissolve then add cornstarch(dissolved in 2tbsp water).
  • This filling will be  thick .Let it cool down completely.



  • Spread cream on first half of cake and then topping of cherry then again cake ,repeat  this till the last layer and cover with cream and decorate with cherries.


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