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IMG_5364mainSamosa chat is another tempting variation of Chats.This is a tangy and spicy famous street food of Punjab region.When i tried this first time i was very much surprised to see a large samosa topped with chana gravy and dahi bondi.But believe me this complete meal was finger licking delicious…:)
Here it is a copy cat recipe of my city’s famous Samosa Chat.


Chickpeas (boiled)1 cup or as needed
Oil2 tbsp
Onion for gravy1 small
Cumin seeds, fennel seeds1/2 tsp each
Crushed red chillies1 tsp
Saltto taste
Gram flour2 tbsp
Water1 glass
Samosasas needed
Dahi bondias needed
Sliced onion and cabbageas needed
Chat masalaas needed
Sweet and sour tamarind sauceas needed



  • Fry onion in 2 tbp oil and add gram flour fry for few seconds and then add cumin seeds, fennel seeds,crushed red chillies, salt and chickpeas ,mix them well.
  • Add water and keep on stirring for few seconds till gravy become thick.
  • Now arrange samosa in a large platter or prepare single servings.
  • Place samosa then chickpea gravy and bondi raita (you can use plain yogurt also). Sprinkle chat masala and sweet and sour tamarind sauce.
  • Garnish with onion rings and cabbage slices.


For the recipe of bondi raita click  _BONDI RAITA.


For the recipe of Imli sauce click – IMLI SAUCE/ TAMARIND SAUCE.


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