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The City School Attock’s Principal Ms Muniba Khalid invited me as a Guest for delivering a workshop on the topic ” Focused Strategies for Parents and Teachers”.  It was a great opportunity for me to Share my views As a teacher and Parent.


  As a former teacher I know how important it is, to create a bond between Parents….Teachers and Children. The more involved parents are in their child’s education, the better the child’s performance in class and studies. Parental involvement often motivates the student to maintain the interest. I have experienced this myself that regular communication and sharing of Information between the teachers and parents helps child to improve.



My Objectives of the workshop were:

  1. Full visibility of a child’s interests and his commitments- as well as events and development will obviously put parents in a strong position to help their child learning. Facebook Groups, Messages, Watsap Group and emails are very fast communicating means these days. Teachers should closely observe child’s performance and engage parents with them. My question from the teachers was: What Method do you think is providing the best response from Parents and Students?
  2. Students spend most of their time in school. The school environment provides a standard against which young     people test behavior. Regular communication and encouragement can solve issues. Teachers must take a positive action against issues. In some cases I have seen teachers blaming students for raising issues by parents. Teacher must not only dig a root cause but also find ways to sort them out.
  3.         “Children know how to learn in more ways than we know how to teach them”.  Learning is not a spectator sport. Student do not learn  just by sitting in class listening to the teachers, memorizing pre-packaged worksheets or written work and spilling out answers. They must talk and discuss with each other in class about what they are learning.  Engage students in different activities that require children to reflect on ideas or how they are using those ideas in classroom. Involve Students in doing things and thinking about what and why they are doing. Let their brain work. Assign student group project and research work. Set up small groups tutorial sessions.
  4. “Teachers can stimulate curiosity by asking questions themselves, and by responding with warmth and enthusiasm to children’s inquiries” (Trawick-Smith). Young minds are like a clean white board and teachers have the opportunity to facilitate learning experiences. Science activities and investigations are essential component of early childhood knowledge and help lay the foundation for life long learning and development.
  5. I am sharing few links for parents for free printable worksheets and activities for grade 3-4:

Teaching is an Art and Education is learning what you did not even know you didn’t know 🙂

Have a nice Day.

My Power Point slide:

Click The link below to open the slides.





namaz mTeaching our Kids and teenagers to perform prayers, is a delicate and often stressful matter for families. My son is of 8 years now and I have started teaching him about prayers and its importance, Its satisfying to see him taking interest in performing Prayer. Last year has taken classes in AlHuda international, where they taught kids practically and visually.

namaz 1 namaz 2 namaz 3



namaz 4 namaz 5 namaz 6


namaz 7


I will post here few videos which will help you out for teaching Salah to your kids. Here are few important points which will be helpful for you.

Children must be instructed and encouraged to do salat from the ages of puberty, the same as adults. The saying of the prophet, “Encourage them in salat at 7 years and thump them at 10. If they don’t – lightly tap them (but not harsh).

Note the key word in the hadith above, “encourage”. What is it that would encourage our children to do anything?

They must want to do it. There must be some attraction or benefit they want to acheive.

So let them begin with knowing about Allah and who He is and why we want to be close to Him in Jennah (paradise).

Help them to read Quran in Arabic, and learn about the meaning of the words, as this will be something they will really benefit in later years, Inshallah.

Set the example for your children yourself. After all, when they see you do something, it is very likely they will try to copy you in all you do. Seeing you fasting, praying, giving charity, being patient, helping neighbors and all things Islam teaches us, sets the course for our children more than any video or lecture I could ever do.

1. Set the example
As is the case with all other good habits, parents, mentors, teachers, and others young Muslims look up to must be praying themselves. But we need to not only be offering our prayers. We must also truly reflect the level of concentration and commitment it takes, by praying on time, doing our best to focus, and offering the prayers diligently.

2. Establish prayer in the home
Kids learn faith first and foremost from the family and within the home. This is where prayer as a way of connecting to Allah needs to be discussed and shown in practice. Make it a habit to pray in congregation when going to the Masjid is not possible. Avoid having everyone pray in their own little corner of the house. Start today by designating one space of the home for this purpose.

3. Use technology
Texting is replacing talking among teens. Teens spend nearly an equal amount of time talking as they do texting each month. The feature is so important to them that if texting were no longer an option 47% of teens say their social life would end or be worsened.

They also say texting has advantages over talking because it offers more options, including multitasking, speed, the option to avoid verbal communication, and because it is fun – in that order, according to the study.
Text your teen when it’s time to pray. Encourage them to set up reminders on their cell phone to offer their Salah or download an app for this purpose. This will make it more fun and help weave prayer into their lives in a practical way.

4. Nudge them toward friendships with the prayerful
Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “a man follows the religion of his friend; so each one should consider whom he makes his friend” (Abu Dawud).

Observe which youth in your community are serious about their five daily prayers and wisely encourage your youth to befriend them. Those young Muslims who have successfully incorporated Salah as part of their lifestyle are role models, especially in this day and age, when myriad distractions pull our hearts and minds far, far away from God.

You can encourage friendships by planning playdates for younger kids. For older ones, praising the youth in question can offer the necessary nudge, as well as indirectly offering ways for the two to meet and hang out together, by for example attending the same events, weekend school, meeting as a family for dinner, etc.

5. Openly praise those who pray
If forging friendships with youth who pray is not possible, at least openly praise those who are diligent in fulfilling this obligation. Even as young Muslims become more independent with age, they still seek parental approval and appreciation. Praising a peer sends the message that you value Salah and that it’s important.

6. Don’t discourage even small steps toward prayer
True story: a 14-year-old in California had just finished praying Isha, something she had done most likely for the first time ever. Excitedly, she ran to her mother and told her about the 4,2, and 3 units she had offered, hoping she’d be proud. Instead, her mother scoffed, “that’s the small prayer. You’re supposed to offer 17 Rakat.”

This kind of discouragement kills initiative, to say the least. Prayer is a long-term commitment that requires the kind of dedication that’s hard to muster for many older people, let alone young people distracted by the ding of texts on their phone or other issues. Praise even the performance of a short, two-Rakat prayer, and encourage youth to take it to the next level.

7. Don’t discount strength in numbers
Whenever possible, pray in congregation with other Muslims outside of the family, especially other youth. This can be at weekend school, or even joining one of the prayers at a full-time Islamic school with the administration’s permission. This will show that prayer isn’t something “weird” that only you and your family do. Rather, it is something other young Muslims do regularly, as well.

8. Make prayer time parent time
At a parenting workshop I attended a few years ago, the speaker shared how she offered her children two types of reward for good behavior: a tangible treat or one-on-one time with each parent. She said she was surprised when the kids always chose time with their mother or father over a trinket.

Taking this into account, spend a few minutes after each prayer with your young Muslim connecting, asking or answering questions about an issue of concern, or simply making it a time for hugs, jokes, and lighthearted hanging out.
May Allah help you and guide you and your children, always – Ameen.




eidhi-passed-away5Abdul Sattar Edhi….. a legend… a true Pakistani….a phenomenon and an institution who devoted his whole life for his country men.

“People will walk in and walk out of your life, but the one whose footstep made a long lasting impression is the one you should never allow to walk out.”
― Michael Bassey Johnson

Sometimes a fortunate combination of the national situation and personal characteristics produce an individual with a capacity to understand the challenge and develop responses to this challenge. Edhi is one of them, who struggled for poor and helpless people of his country and founded EDHI FOUNDATION. Edhi Sahab was a prrof that a determined individual can mobilize others to alleviate misery and knit together the social fabric of a nation. He single handedly created one of the largest and most successful welfare network in Asia. He never took any financial support from government or any other organizations.


Starting in 1951 with a tiny dispensary in Karachi’s poor Mithadar neighborhood, Edhi has steadily built up a nationwide organization of ambulances, clinics, maternity homes, mental asylums, homes for the physically handicapped, blood banks, orphanages, adoption centers, mortuaries, shelters for runaway children and battered women, schools, nursing courses, soup kitchens and a 25-bed cancer hospital. All are run by some 7000 volunteers and a small paid staff of teachers, doctors and nurses. Edhi has also personally delivered medicines, food and clothing to refugees in Bosnia, Ethiopia and Afghanistan. He and the drivers of his ambulances have saved lives in floods, train wrecks, civil conflicts and traffic accidents.

Ehi Sahab was a simple man who handled millions of rupees transactions on daily basis with out any greed and lust and even a thought to mis-use it. Edhi sahab was running his organization with a simple rule:

“when there is a positive will there is way out”

 He did not need a fleet of ministers, consultants, advisors and above all foreign aid to run his institution. Reason was very simple, he knew what he is doing and we blindly trust him. This is the trust and fame none of the personalities enjoyed apart from Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in this region. Compare his life style with that of our leaders, ministers, buruecretes, businessmen, feudal Lords, and rest of the big shots and you will find out the very basis of our system is wrong. We provide luxuries of life at the expense of tax payer’s money who does not even need luxuries, but are still hungry and greedy for it.

He always said:

“I tell people that, because I am working for you, the money must come from you.”

He stated once about his habit of saving money.

Every day before school, my mother would give me two paisa and say, ‘Spend one paisa on yourself and give the other away,’” Edhi said. “When I came home, she would ask me where I had given away my one paisa. It was her way of creating an awareness in me of the need for social welfare.”

How can we forget this noble man, nobody can replace him. May Allah grant him Jannah. Ameen.

A tribute for EIDHI SAHAB from Ainycooks:

LEGEND -ABDUL SATTAR EDHI by Slidely Slideshow


As a parent its our responsibility to teach our kids,basics of Islam from early age. Make a special effort to educate them in interesting way. I have learned this from Alhuda , where they are teaching kids different Sunnahs and Duas with animated videos. I found them very informative and interesting for kids. Its a better way to teach your kids.

I am sharing two videos here you can teach from videos more effectively.
About Ramadan

If you have eaten by mistake during fast.


Parents hold enormous responsibility in terms of teaching and bringing up their children according to the guidelines of QURAN and teachings and traditions of our Prophet (PBUH).
The Prophet (PBUH) said:
“Allah (SWT) will ask every caretaker about the people under his care, and the man will be asked about the people of his household” (Nasa’i, Abu Da’ud).”

Character building of your children in the light of Quran and Hadith from a young age is very important. When a child is young, he or she is the most impressionable and absorbs knowledge just as how its taught.

A quote from Al-Ghazali that:

A child is a trust (placed by Allah) in the hands of his parents, and his innocent heart is a precious element capable of taking impressions.

Parents or Grandparents may not have accurate information as they may not have gone to classes for all aspects of Islam. Creating a bond with Allah and love for the Sunnah is more important then any other form of education.We are responsible if our child is living and practicing something wrong about Islam.

To keep Islam close to the heart of our kids we should send them in any Islamic institution where formal Islamic education enables a child to learn about Islam from trained and learned teachers and from reliable resources provided for them.

Last Month i started sending my kids In ALHUDA International  Attock Branch, where they were offering a Course MANAR UL ISLAM. It was my first experience, I myself attended all the classes with my sons. When your kids attend Islamic school, even if for an hour or two each week, he or she is exposed to other Muslim peers in their age group who are also learning.

They divided their curriculum in to four

  • Sunnah and Duas
  • Salah
  • Asma ul Husna
  • Group discussion


If Islam is not being practiced at home, our kids might never see the importance of Islam in their lives at all. Teacher of sunnah not only explained but also showed with pictures and videos about Duas and sunnah of daily life.


It was a lovely experience to see small kids from age 3 to 10 making lines ( Saf) for Namaz and perform Salah in a beautiful manner.


Asma al-Husna means the most beautiful names of Allah.

The following is stated in a verse:

“To Him (Allah) belong the Most Beautiful Names.” (al-Hashr, 24)

The following is stated in Bukhari and Muslim about the most beautiful names:

“Allah has 99 names. Whoever memorizes them (believes in them and reads them by heart) enters Paradise.”

My son who is eight years old daily is asking, we will enter in Jannah after learning all 99 names? Its shows his interest. Teachers not only explains  meanings but also give examples from surroundings.


Its an interesting way to discuss  and learn Duas in a group along with a group teacher. Children can learn and absorb more through activities and discussions.

I will post more information about Islam which we should teach our kids. I myself learned from This Islamic institution. Teach your kids basics of Islam.

Here are few pictures which i have taken from different classes of different age groups.




ROSE MHow satisfying it is to make something special for someone very special in your life. Mother’s day is around the corner and everyone is planning to present something to Moms. Here is an awesome idea to please your Moms.



Make a chocolate bouquet and present it to your Mother. You need few things:

  • Crape papers of Red and green color.
  • Ferrero Rocher chocolate box
  • Wooden sticks
  • glue or thread.
  • Plastic wrap
  • Ribbion


Fold crape paper and cut a shape of petal. Make as many as you need.








Open one side of chocolate and insert wooden skewer very carefully. Now tightly wrap chocolate wrap again with skewer.



STEP 3: 

Stick petals with UHU glue or tie with thread on the bottom side of chocolate. You can use as many petals as you like.




Cut calyx leaves and stick.



Step 5:

Cover skewer with green crape paper strip or use green tape.




Arrange all sticks and tie with ribbon.





Cover with any plastic wrap of your choice.




Tie Ribbon. Ready to present 🙂




What can I say of my wonderful mother,
An extraordinary person, a mom like no other.
Whenever I need you, you’re always there;
You listen, understand, and show that you care.

You do the things other mothers all do,
But Mom, there’s just so much more to you.
It’s hard to describe the feelings I feel;
My love for you, Mom, is deep and real.

I appreciate you more than I ever could say;
To my extraordinary mom: Happy Mother’s Day!

By Joanna Fuchs



say no to valentine day mA question usually asked by our new generation. Truly speaking I also was celebrating Valentine day few years back , giving gifts to my mother and friends 🙁 when I read the background and origin of this day I felt sorry and asked Allah for forgiveness.

Islam is a religion of Peace and Love. Islam does recognize occasions which are cheerful and bring people closer to each other. Imitating the West (kuffar) blindly is forbidden in Islam whether that imitation is of their worship or of their customs and behavior.
Valentine Day is an innovation or Biddah that has no religious significance. Islam asks all Muslims to love and respect each other all over the year, reducing the whole year to one specific day is rejected. Why on 14h feb you need to show your love to your loved ones. You can give red roses and red velvet cakes every month to close relatives 🙂
We as a Muslim ought not to follow in the footsteps of such innovations and superstitions that are common in what is known as the Valentine’s Day. No doubt that there are many irreligious practices that occur on that day, and those practices are capable of dissuading people from the true meanings of love and altruism to the extent that the celebration is reduced to a moral decline.
Celebrating Valentine’s Day means resembling or imitating the pagan Romans, then the Christian People of the Book in their imitation of the Romans in something that was not a part of their religion. If it is not allowed to imitate the Christians in things that really are part of their religion – but not part of our religion – then how about things which they have innovated in their religion in imitation of idol-worshippers?!


This is indicated by the Qur’an, Sunnah and ijmaa’ (scholarly consensus):

  •  From the Qur’an: Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): “And be not as those who divided and differed among themselves after the clear proofs had come to them. It is they for whom there is an awful torment” [Aal ‘Imraan 3:105]
  •  From the Sunnah: the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever imitates a people is one of them.” (narrated by Ahmad, 2/50; Abu Dawood, 4021) Shaykh al-Islam (Ibn Taymiyah) said: “This hadeeth at the very least indicates that it is haraam to imitate them, although the apparent meaning implies that the one who imitates them is a kaafir, as Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): ‘And if any amongst you takes them (as Awliyaa’ [friends and helpers]), then surely, he is one of them’ [al-Maa’idah 5:51].”

The story of the Festival of Love (Valentine’s Day)

The Festival of Love was one of the festivals of the pagan Romans, when paganism was the prevalent religion of the Romans more than seventeen centuries ago. In the pagan Roman concept, it was an expression of “spiritual love”. There were myths associated with this pagan festival of the Romans, which persisted with their Christian heirs. Among the most famous of these myths was the Roman belief that Romulus, the founder of Rome, was suckled one day by a she-wolf, which gave him strength and wisdom. The Romans used to celebrate this event in mid-February each year with a big festival. One of the rituals of this festival was the sacrifice of a dog and a goat. Two strong and muscular youths would daub the blood of the dog and goat onto their bodies, then they would wash the blood away with milk. After that there would be a great parade, with these two youths at its head, which would go about the streets. The two youths would have pieces of leather with which they would hit everyone who crossed their path. The Roman women would welcome these blows, because they believed that they could prevent or cure infertility.

The connection between Saint Valentine and this festival
Saint Valentine is a name which is given to two of the ancient “martyrs” of the Christian Church. It was said that there were two of them, or that there was only one, who died in Rome as the result of the persecution of the Gothic leader Claudius, c. 296 CE. In 350 CE, a church was built in Rome on the site of the place where he died, to perpetuate his memory. When the Romans embraced Christianity, they continued to celebrate the Feast of Love mentioned above, but they changed it from the pagan concept of “spiritual love” to another concept known as the “martyrs of love”, represented by Saint Valentine who had advocated love and peace, for which cause he was martyred, according to their claims. It was also called the Feast of Lovers, and Saint Valentine was considered to be the patron saint of lovers.

One of their false beliefs connected with this festival was that the names of girls who had reached marriageable age would be written on small rolls of paper and placed in a dish on a table. Then the young men who wanted to get married would be called, and each of them would pick a piece of paper. He would put himself at the service of the girl whose name he had drawn for one year, so that they could find out about one another. Then they would get married, or they would repeat the same process again on the day of the festival in the following year. The Christian clergy reacted against this tradition, which they considered to have a corrupting influence on the morals of young men and women. It was abolished in Italy, where it had been well-known, then it was revived in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, when in some western countries there appeared shops which sold small books called “Valentine’s books”, which contained love poems, from which the one who wanted to send a greeting to his sweetheart could choose. They also contained suggestions for writing love letters.

It was also said concerning the origins of this holiday that when the Romans became Christian, after Christianity had become widespread, the Roman emperor Claudius II decreed in the third century CE that soldiers should not get married, because marriage would distract them from the wars they used to fight. This decree was opposed by Saint Valentine, who started to perform marriages for the soldiers in secret. When the emperor found out about that, he threw him in jail and sentenced him to execution. In prison, he (Saint Valentine) fell in love with the jailer’s daughter, but this was a secret because according to Christian laws, priests and monks were forbidden to marry or fall in love. But he is still regarded highly by the Christians because of his steadfastness in adhering to Christianity when the emperor offered to pardon him if he forsook Christianity and worshipped the Roman gods; then he would be one of his closest confidantes and he would make him his son-in-law. But Valentine refused this offer and preferred Christianity, so he was executed on 14 February 270 CE, on the eve of February 15, the festival of Lupercalis. So this day was named for this saint. In The Story of Civilization, it says that the Church devised a calendar in which every day was designated as the feast day of one of the saints

You can read more here: Celebrating Valentine

NOW its your decision to celebrate Valentine day or not. To follow Islam or imitate West.




MMYes, we are not out from 16th December 2014 Trauma. Wounds are still fresh its been a whole year but how we can forget  heart wrenching deadly terrorist attack. How can we forget unbelievable act of brutality when 150 lives were lost. Majority of them were children. Nothing can be so terrible than to seeing parents loosing their children. They were innocent kids. I can’t make myself from crying my eyes out because when your heart cries you can’t stop them.

SCHOOL TO IMMORALITY by Slidely Slideshow

Listen to me, you hear, you see,
The stories of the children who’ve died
For me, for you they take the hit, the stab, the fire,
In the name of Honor, Justice, and Love for all,
Their nation, their family, the world in all.
They are immortal,
They are martyr,
Who sacrificed their lives for your future.

You can read this post too about APS MASSACRE


“We sent our kids to this school because it is known for its high standards and quality of education…. My son was a brilliant student and even a few weeks back he was awarded a gold medal for his excellent midterm results. Yesterday we watched the news on TV and as five of our kids were studying there we got so worried and upset for the safety of our children,” said Haji Dost Muhammad, 52, whose son Asad died in the attack. “We were told that a bullet hit him from the back, tearing his heart. Asad was an outstanding student and wanted to be a pilot but his soul flew from his body before he could fly a plane.”

A para from my post on new year , you can read whole article here:


 I hope the friends and families of those Martyrs and injured can find the strength to cope with the awful suffering they are enduring.


mHere I am sharing my Last month’s painful memories and experiences with you. From 17th Nov till 12 Dec 2015, I have experienced a horrible lose, our brains have a difficult time processing and making sense out of what has happened with us and how do you make peace with something so outrageously heartbreaking?
I can not forget that cold and dark night of November when I took my Husband’s Aunt Samina Rehman (aged 45) to a specialist, she was suffering from fever and blood deficiency. Doctor asked me to admit her in hospital and arrange 3 bottles of blood for her immediately. The doctor was running every test he could think of to try to find the underlying cause of her sickness and her swollen abdomen. Her ultra sound report showed fluid in her abdomen and stones in Gall bladder which alarmed doctor. Medical specialist Col. Anes referred this case to Surgeon Major Javed, according to him this case was a complex case for him. After a CT Scan he and another surgeon Major Nauman decided to do a surgery because Report showed a rupture of an abdominal organ and infectious fluid in her abdomen.

A blood transfusion was given to bring up her hemoglobin which was 6.8 before surgery. She was a brave lady. I never saw her complaining or crying with pain, After surgery doctor removed her gall bladder and half pancreas. Doctors told us that her gall bladder was ruptured which was packed with silent gall stones of different sizes and they caused a lot of damage in her body. Infectious fluid damaged her intestine as well. Although her surgery was successful and she was getting better a bit every day but on 9th day after her operation she had a severe chest infection and cough which was lethal for her and damaged her large intestine and lungs. Doctors decided to do second surgery very next day. She was such a courageous lady and prepared herself for another major surgery. After operation her heart collapsed and lungs stopped breathing. She was again rushed to the ICU and The doctors immediately put her on a ventilator & told us she had stopped breathing, but that her heart never completely stopped.
The doctor’s told us right off that the chances of surviving were slim. But Prayers brought her back. Every day doctors tried to turn the ventilator down to see if she could breathe more on her own. Miracle it was, after 3 days she responded well and started breathing by her own. I was so glad that day. I was the one watching her ups and downs closely. She talked a lot with me that day but the next day she took a turn for the worst and became unresponsive. On 12 December 2015 at 9:00 A.M she took her last breath infront of me. I was so depressed. She left behind three little kids and a Loving husband.
Family, Friends and relatives prayed for her every day and night. It was the most painful thing I have ever experienced after my own parent’s death. This, one month brought us (Samina Aunty and me) closer. I took care of her like a daughter. My family lost a wonderful person, a great beautiful sister, friend, and an outstanding mother, loving wife and daughter. She was so full of life, and so suddenly taken from us.
I request you all Friends to take your life seriously. If you feel something unusual just go to a specialist for a complete check up. If health is lost every thing is lost.Silent Gall stones took Samina Aunt’s  life. May Allah grant her highest ranks in Jannah. Ameen. Keep Samina Aunty and her family in your prayers.


Life is too short for any bitter feeling;
Time is the best avenger if we wait;
The years speed by, and on their wings bear healing;
We have no room for anything like hate.
This solemn truth the low mounds seem revealing
That thick and fast about our feet are stealing:
Life is too short.


OSTEOPOROSISAll women should understand this term “OSTEOPROSIS”. Osteoporosis is a silent disease because of zero symptoms. It may come to your attention until a fracture happens even after a minor injury. Fractures occur at the spine, wrist and hip. Osteoporosis affects women of middle or later years most.


What exactly this disease is???

It mostly occur when bones lose Calcium more quickly than the body can replace them. They become less dense , and lose its strength so break more easily. Thou losing bones is a normal ageing problem but some people lead to Osteoporosis and an increased risk of fractures. Normal bones are composed of Protein, Collagen and Calcium , which give strength to our bones but in Osteoporosis bones are like pores which are compressible and fragile.


Women start to lose bone density after 35 years. Balance diet and adequate intake of Calcium in a form of milk is a vital step to maintain healthy and strong bones. If there is not enough calcium in your blood your body will take it from bones and making sure you have enough calcium in your diet is an important way to protect your bones from OSTEOPOROSIS.

For Nourishing bones we need Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D and Phosphorous. Foods rich in calcium are especially necessary for stronger bones. Thou you can get calcium from dark green leafy vegetables, fish, broccoli, cheese, yogurt but drinking milk daily is very important for women of all age groups.

I am grateful to Nestle Nesvita team for inviting me to be a part of #BreakFreeFromOsteoporosis Campaign. As a women I feel that I should aware all my readers about this Silent killer.

I have tried Nestle Nesvita which is full of calcium and you can give small pack to your kids in lunch box too. Here I am giving you a recipe of a shake which is healthy and delicious. I have used Nesvita in it which is a big source of Calcium.



Nestle Nesvita1/2 glass
Coconut milk1/2 cup
Honey 1 tbsp
Coffee granules1/4 tsp
Horlicks (optional)1 tsp


  • Add all ingredients in blender and blend well.
  • Serve chill.




afghan school mOnce i have asked from an Afghan Lady, ” Now Afghanistan’s condition is stable so you can plan to go back to your homeland?”
She replied,” No ,although we wish to go back to our homeland but we can’t. We have not enough money and resources to build our houses and buy lands. We have no money to start a better life. We are happy hear thou we are facing a lot of problems but we do not want to go back”.

Afghan’s are no more Refugees here in Pakistan. Most of them are Pakistani Nationals. They are doing small businesses , running shops and doing labor work here. In every Afghan home you will see carpet looms. Small girls and women knit carpets at home.

When I saw an Afghan school, My inner teacher forced me to go and see these Afghan Children studying. Normally I saw them playing and working on streets all the time so i decided to go inside the school building and see the way of teaching.
On first place I met a Graceful lady Sumera Sehar, who was the Principal of Barkat Elementary School ( School of Afghan Children) With hesitation I asked from her that Is she Afghani, She smiled gracefully and replied, “Not I, Nor  any of my teaching staff is Afghani. We are resident of Attock City.” (Afterwards I met two very competent teachers Mehnaz and Irum, who took me to every classroom)

She told me that Schools for Afghan Kids are in number not only in Attock region, but in other cities too. However much good work and effort is done for Afghan refugees. Less then half children get primary education but unfortunately only 5% is receiving education beyond this level. What is the major reason???? Only few parents allow their kids to continue. This is very disappointing 🙁

afghan school 1

I asked few questions from Principal Mrs Sumera Sehar about Education system of Afghan children in Pakistan, I am grateful to her, She answered patiently to my curious questions.

afghan school 2

Q1: What was the school like when you got here.What were the major issues and difficulties when you started these elementary schools for Afghan Refuges.?

ANSWER: when I joined this school in 1995 it had only 22 students and 4 teachers in small 4 room building.
And the only major issue was to bring out children from their homes to school. Parents were least interested in sending them to school.

afghan school 5

Q 2: What do you see as the three or four main challenges in educating these kids?

ANSWER: The main challenge in educating Afghan refugees is that they are very traditional in their approach, and have strong discrimination among their sons and daughters. They don’t pay attention to their daughters.

afghan school 11

Q 3: How these kids and there parents responding to you. Because 99% an illiterate and they hardly can understand Urdu.?

ANSWER: In the beginning, their response towards education was very discouraging but with the passage of time they have shown positive response and now they send their daughters to schools , although girls enrollment is low but satisfactory.

afghan school 8

Q 4: What is the ratio of girls in school. Why they are not sending girls in schools.?

ANSWER: The ratio of boys n girls in our schools is 80:20. the girls do the household work as their mother weave carpet all the day and when she grow up, she also joins her mother in carpet weaving to support the family income.

afghan school 6

After asking few questions from Principal, I requested her to show me class rooms because i wanted to meet children. She asked her Two teachers to accompany me.

afghan school 3

I entered in one class and for my surprise i saw kids sitting in neat and tidy uniform and busy in school work. I asked questions from them firstly they were shy but after few questions they started enjoying my questions and giving me answers without any hesitation.

afghan school 9

When I visited a senior most class of school, I was so impressed after seeing drawings made by students, it was  great to see their work.  I saw a boy who waved hand to me, first i tried to remember where i met him before then i realized They boy aged 8-9 years was the vegetable seller. I asked him with hesitation but he proudly replied, yes Mam my father is a shop keeper selling vegetables and after school I am helping . Most of the children then told me that they all are doing part time jobs to earn money for family. Girls told me that they weave carpet after school time.

afghan school 13

I asked one to weave carpet for me also, she gladly agreed. 🙂 I was watching the innocent and beautiful faces of kids and praying for their bright and prosperous future.

afghan school 14

My gratitude towards efforts of all Pakistani teachers who are motivating these kids and their parents to take education to improve their lifestyle.

afghan school 12 (1)

My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.

George Washington

Yes, for me my mother was the most courageous lady on earth. She was an unmatched loving, caring, patient, faithful and prayerful lady who knew her life’s work is to be a wife and a mother.

My Mother kept a garden,
a garden of the heart,
She planted all the good things
that gave my life it’s start.
She turned me to the sunshine
and encouraged me to dream,
Fostering and nurturing
the seeds of self-esteem…
And when the winds and rain came,
she protected me enough-
But not too much because she knew
I’d need to stand up strong and tough.
Her constant good example
always taught me right from wrong-
Markers for my pathway
that will last a lifetime long.
I am my Mother’s garden.
I am her legacy-
And I hope today she feels the love
reflected back from me

My mother is not with us but i always miss her and will miss her ever. You can read “IN MEMORY OF MY MOTHER” 



Flour2 cups
Baking powder2 tsp
Shredded coconut1/2 cup
Sugar1 and 1/2 cups
Coconut milk3/4 cup
Butter6 oz
Eggs3 large
Vanilla essence1 tbsp


  • Pre heat oven at 150c and grease muffin pan.
  • Mix all dry ingredients and set aside.
  • In a bowl add butter and sugar and beat till creamy, Now add eggs one by one and beat till fluffy.
  • In a separate bowl mix coconut milk and vanilla essence and set aside.
  • Now in egg batter add coconut milk ,beat and then add flour mix ,beat then again add milk and beat now add flour and beat for few minutes.
  • Pour mixture in cupcake pan and bake at 180c for 20 minutes or till done.
  • Let them cool completely for few minutes and then decorate with fondant topping.


Make these special cupcakes for your special MOMS…:)


S MAfter shifting in our new house I and my husband started planning to grow veggies and flowering plants. We collected different plants from Islamabad, Wah Cantt and Peshawar. Garden wouldn’t be complete without beautiful and sweet fragrances.


Not all people can understand the satisfaction and joy that my plants make me feel inside. I love spring and am so glad to see my blooming flowers with sweet fragrance in our garden.

My husband who actually like succulent plants and collecting them from nearby cities, planned to grow veggies on Roof Top and he is working on this. I will share his experiences with you but right now here’s a glimpse of whats blooming in my garden and signaling that Spring is Here 🙂


Look at the beautiful colors.


Yellow balloon shape beauties.


Vibrant Red.



After the winter chill is gone
The spring flowers open up
The pink and white fruit blossoms
And lovely golden buttercup

The bulbs swell and burst forth
To fill our world with color
Crocuses and daffodils
Bring smiles like no others

And the lovely purple irises
Are such a treat to me
Rhododendrons and Azaleas
Are bold and stunning to see

We love our springtime walks
In the gardens or at the park
As the fragrance fills the air
And the sound of a meadowlark

Oh yes, it wakes up our world
Amongst the gentle showers
There is hope for a bright tomorrow
With the glorious spring Flowers!
Poem by Marilyn Lott


I hope you’ve enjoyed my garden tour.


I have planned to post about container gardening, soon i will post about veggie container garden.

Look at my fresh organic lettuce leaves in pot 🙂

s s6

apcMore then a month has gone by since the dreadful Peshawar school attack but the wounds are still fresh.On December 16, over 150 people, mostly schoolchildren, were martyred when militants attacked the Army Public School in Peshawar.
All the schools of Pakistan resumed there academic activities two weeks ago on Monday. My eyes were tear brightened and heart was filled with grief after watching First day of APS students. Surviving children showed remarkable resilience, courage and determination to continue their educational pursuits.
yesterday my son’s school management sent us security set ups done by them and a poem, for boosting up spirits and morals of students and parents.

apc n


I am a mother and my heart breaks with every post, every article and every picture of Martyrs…


These innocent faces we can not forget. It is a cowardly and monstrous soul that can commit an act of violence and murder against innocent children. Their acts of violence do great harm to Islam and turn the hearts of the whole world against them. Acts of kindness and charity will have a far more positive influence on the people of the world than these barbaric deeds.

Pakistan ARMY SONG 2015 – Bara Dushman Bana… by naeemchatha

I hope the friends and families of those Martyrs and injured can find the strength to cope with the awful suffering they are enduring. May Allah protect all our kids from these monsters. Ameen.

aps m

You can  read heart wrenching detail here:





halal mIn Pakistan forbidden eatables are being sold in markets openly whereas the public is unaware of these products.This is very much disappointing and alarming for us.One of my friend ADAN FATIMA raised this issue when i mentioned Betty Crocker cake mix on my facebook page. She told me that not all flavors are Halal. From that day I started my search about Haram food products which are avalible in Pakistan in abundance , now let me start this topic from this :

“O People, eat from the land what is permitted & good & do not follow in the footsteps of Shaitan, for he is an open enemy to you.”
(Al Baqarah, 2:168)

Allah swt has given clear guidelines on what can and cannot be consumed. In addition we have also been instructed in manners and behavior of eating. Eating and drinking also becomes a way by which a Muslim remembers the bounties of Allah swt and by observing the rules of Shariah, he also shows his commitment to his religion.

For more details click the link below:


Now please Brothers and Sisters watch this Video , a good effort by Iqrar ul Hasan.

Sar e Aam (Pakistan Main Haram Items Ki Sale… by Corruption_exposer

The notification about 23 forbidden products which was issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the products’ names are listed below:


Pascual Yogikids
Chupa Bubble
Rice Chicken Broccoli
Pasta Chicken Broccoli
Chicken Tonight
Skittles Fruits
Skittles Fruits Jar
Picnic Chicken
Skittles Fruit 15p
Chicken Soup
Slim a Soup
Yupi Fruit Cocktails
Cup a Soup
Gummi Pizza
Yupi Footballs
Heinz Dinner Chicken
Strawberry Leaf
Pop Tarts
Tulip Chicken
Pasta Creamy Chicken

You can check this link , This will help you out to get information about Halal Food in detail. Even you can ask about haram and halal products from Admin of this website.

You can check E- NUMBER on packaging , which will intdicate haram and halal product. ( EXPLAINED BY FOOD TECHNOLOGIST MIAN NISAR SAHIB)
What are Food Additives. Chemicals are often added to foods as preservatives, to add colour, to help different food substances combine in processed food (e.g. cakes and biscuits). and to enhance the taste and texture of food. These chemicals are known as additives.Most additives included in a product must be listed on the packaging label. Additives which have been approved usually have numbers. Those with E numbers have been approved by European Union . Therefore all the food additives with E numbers are not Haram, however some food additives with E numbers are Haram. Mainly those food additives derived from animal source which are Haram themself. No mineral sourced colour or food additives is Haram. Only animal sourced animal derived from Haram Animals are Haram.
As E numbers are approved from European Union, American products are normally approved by FDA, and mentioned as FD&C numbers. If Muslims countries jointly decided to have food additives safe for Muslim consumers they can use M or I or H before an approved Muslim or Islamic or Halal Food Additives and Non Food additives (used in drugs/cosmetics/and household items)

Check the link below for E number Products List.


Meat; Which is not slaughtered according to Islamic Shariah Laws.
Pig Meat; Meat which is obtained from the Pig.
Alcohol and Drugs; All types of intoxicants are haram in islam which can lead to the state of unconsciousness.
Gelatin; Produced from animal mainly from Pig but if the source is Cow, chicken or fish then it is halal.
Cholesterol; Source is always animal if the animal is Halal and slaughterd according to Islamic laws then it is considered as halal.
Diglyceride; If extracted from plants then it is halal, but if the source is animal then it should be from halal animal which is slaughtered in line with Islamic guidelines.
Pepsin; It is a digestive enzyme which is extracted from pig’s stomach and is haram as the source is also haram.
Glycerol, Glycerine, Glyceryl; The source can be Plants, Animal, or Synthetic but if the source is animal the product is haram.
Rennin, Rennet; It is a protein which is used in preparation of cheese for curdling of the milk, it is haram.
Hormones; Animal Hormones are haram source and it is a common source, you should confirm the source.
Meat of Carnivore animals; The meat of all carnivore animals is also forbidden in Islam.
Lard; It is Fats origin from Swine which is haram in Islam for Muslims

Following emulsifier are considered as Haram 120,140, 141, 160[a], 161, 252,300,301,422, 430, 431, 433, 435, 436, 441,470,471(*Animal Base),472[a],472[b],472[c],472[d], 472[e], 473, 474, 475, 476,477, 478, 481, 482, 483, 491, 492,493, 494, 542, 570, 572, 631, 635,920.

471 with vegetable base is said as Halal by some people.

E100, E110, E120, E153, E210, E213, E214, E216, E234, E256, E270, E280. E325, E326, E327, E334, E335, E336, E337.E432, E433, E434, E440, E470, E472, E495 E904 are also haram Emulsifier.

Please check the ingredients of every food brand, which you use. Also check any or all-new products you use before making your purchase. If you have any doubts, you may write or phone to the manufacturer, so far they have been very helpful to us and it will put your mind at ease.



Animal Fat

Bacon (Pork)

Collegen (pork)

Diglyceride (Animal)

Dough Conditioners


Enzyme (Animal)

Fat (Pork or Animal)

Fatty Acid (Animal)

Gelatin (haram animal bones)

Glyceride (Animal)

Glycerol/Glycerine (Animal)


Harmones (Animal)

Hydrolyzed Animal protein


Monoglycerides (Animal)

Pepsin (Animal)

Phospholipid (Animal)

Pork & All by Products


Shortening (Animal)

If you are thinking to buy any imported CHEESE then check this list first:


This is what we got to know:


This is my request to all Muslims to check the E code list (which i have mentioned above.) before buying products of daily use or imported products (In Pakistan)

Inshallah I will bring more information about this topic soon.


P IAssalam-u-walikum Ammi,

By now you must have heard the news of me getting killed in the attack at our school. I know Ammi, you are crying a lot and so is Papa. I can see everything from up here. Please don’t cry. I cannot see you both cry. It hurts me. I can see you both wailing and shaking my body violently and pleading me to come back. Ammi, stay strong please. Didn’t I tell you that I didn’t want to go to school today?

The function in the auditorium was going quite good. I was seated right in the middle from where I could see the stage clearly. Everything was calm and pleasant when suddenly a couple of Army men entered into the dimly lit auditorium. I thought they were here to watch the show, but they were all armed. They did not wear masks. Ammi, they looked very scary! And all of a sudden one of them shot down our Chief guest. We all screamed. And then they started firing on us. Many of my school-mates were hurt, some of them died on the spot. We started running here and there desperately searching for an escape. Ammi, I couldn’t find an escape route, I was so small. My friends from higher classes blocked my view. All I could hear were gunshots that almost made me deaf. I felt scared. I was lonely. I needed you Ammi. Where were you? I wanted to hide in your arms…

I also cried a lot and I was frantically shouting out to you and Papa, but I wasn’t sure if you were hearing me. Were you hearing me Ammi Jan? Didn’t Papa hear too? You used to say that you were always with me. Then where were you today? By then, my school’s auditorium was in complete chaos. Ammi! There was blood everywhere. I ran for the door and tripped over my English teacher’s body. I saw her, she was lying down in a pool of blood. I tried to wake her up too, Ammi. She did not respond. I knew something was terribly wrong. They even burned one of our teachers in front of us and forced us too see her die. She was a very good teacher. Why did they burn her? Why were these uncles killing us …………


Thats it….. i found no courage to read more…tears were rolling down while reading this letter. I was sitting numb  for a moment or so, the part of me that wants only to cry and shout and moan that  how can Parents of all those Martyr kids will start a  new year . Being a parent I know  no father and mother can bear a slightest harm coming to their children …But having your child murdered is another dimension of pain and grief. No words can express the feeling of all those parents who have lost their children.



Every single story of every single parent is heart tearing …


“We sent our kids to this school because it is known for its high standards and quality of education…. My son was a brilliant student and even a few weeks back he was awarded a gold medal for his excellent midterm results. Yesterday we watched the news on TV and as five of our kids were studying there we got so worried and upset for the safety of our children,” said Haji Dost Muhammad, 52, whose son Asad died in the attack. “We were told that a bullet hit him from the back, tearing his heart. Asad was an outstanding student and wanted to be a pilot but his soul flew from his body before he could fly a plane.”



I feel deep grief, for lives that will never be the same again. For families that will see empty beds and silent rooms for rest of their lives. Grief for fathers that will bury their hearts with their sons and daughters; for mothers that will never smile again.  Grief for lives that reached out to stars, to dreams, every day, but now will never be.

A Mother’s grief on Peshawar Incident by arynews


These are not only my feelings but of a lot of Parents like me. New year is about to start but i have no plans no revolutions in my mind ..just prayers for all those who are not with us .

May Allah give SABAR to all parents….:(




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