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PITA CKN MAINIncredibly easy and delicious recipe for all age groups. A wonderful and healthy snack to fill you up. Can be a lunch box item.
I am sure you will like it.


Chicken boneless in small cubes1 cup
Pita bread2
Oil2 tbsp
Crushed red chillies1/2 tsp
Lemon juice1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Cumin seeds1/4 tsp
Coriander leaves and mint leaves few chopped.


  • In a pan heat oil and saute onion.
  • Now add chicken and saute till color change.
  • Add capsicum, lemon juice, coriander leaves, mint leaves, salt , cumin seeds and crushed red chillies.
  • Cook till well mixed.
  • On a flat pan toast pita and cut in 4 pieces.
  • Fill in chicken mixture and serve with garlic sauce.

kunna mainThis recipe is Chef Zakir’s Recipe, very simple and easy to make.Thou i have used mutton in this recipe but you can make with beef or chicken too.Bachelors and new cooks can try without any fear you will end up with a delicious result.


Mutton (leg part meat)1/2 kg
Onion1 medium
Ginger garlic paste2 tbsp
Saltto taste
Red chilli powder1 tbsp
Coriander powder1 tbsp
Turmeric powder1/2 tsp
Mutton bones stock (optional)2 cups
All spice powder1/2 tsp
Black cumin seeds1 tsp
Wheat flour2 tbsp
Ghee1 cup (melted)
Fresh coriander and chilliesfor garnish


  • In a deep pan add ghee and fry meat till color change, add ginger garlic paste , onion, red chilli powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder and salt.
  • Fry till onion soft and tender. Add bones stock and  water 4 cups .Cover with lid and cook till meat tender.(If not using stock then add 6 cups water or you can increase water if needed)
  • Add black cumin, all spice powder( dissolve spice powder in 1/4 cup water)  and let it simmer for 10 minutes.
  • In  1/4 cup water dissolve flour  and mix in meat.
  • Let it cook for few more minutes,  garnish  and serve with naans.
  • You can cook in clay pot also, it will enhance the taste of kunna.

boti kebab mainThis is also a very unique and different recipe, I first time heard and experienced these kebabs in Attock region.This recipe is considered as an old traditional recipe of Attock.Specialty of these kebabs is grinding process. You need to grind the mixture on stone grinder (Sil Batta). But if you do not have this device (lolzz) then use hand masher. I am sure you will like and these kebabs on this Eid.


boti kebab d


Beef /Mutton boneless1/2 kg
Gram lentil1/4 cup
Salt as needed
Crushed red chillies1 tbsp
Coriander powder1/4 tsp
All spice/ garam masala powder1 tsp level
Garlic clove 2 large
Onion1 small
Big cardamom 1
Onion1 small (grated)
Green chilli2-3 (crushed)
Coriander leavesas needed
Ginger1 inch piece (grated)


  • In meat add onion,  garlic, all spice powder, salt, crushed red chilli, seeds of big cardamom, coriander powder and gram lentil (washed and soaked in water for 1/2 hours).
  • Cook till meat and lentil soft and tender.
  • Grind (kottna ) on stone grinder when warm .You can use hand masher to mash this mixture.
  • Now shred ginger and onion on shredder and mix in kebab mixture.
  • Add chopped coriander and Crushed green chillies also.
  • Add beaten egg and mix well or you can make patties and dip in egg and fry.
  • Make patties / kebabs and fry.
  • Serve with mint raita or Green sauce.
boti kebab dd

IMG_993biryaniIf you are looking for a perfect recipe of wedding Biryani , close to the same Aroma and taste then set your ingredients and try this today.This recipe is my special recipe for special occasions.I have learned it from a cooking class back in Karachi.


Meat1/2 kg
Salt1 tsp to taste
Red chilli powder1 tbsp
Lemon juice3-4 tbsp
All spice powder1 tsp
Cumin seeds1 tsp
Ginger garlic paste1 tbsp
Yogurt1 cup
Yellow food color1/4 tsp
Oil2 tbsp
Coal piece1 small
Tomatoes3-4 large
Dried plums8-10
Coriander leaves1/2 cup
Green chillies6-8
Oil1 cup
Onion1 large
Rice1/2 kg
Bay leave1 nos
Saltto taste/ 1 1/2 tbsp
Lemon juice1
Biryani essence 2-3 drops


  • Marinate meat first, if making chicken then marinate it for 3-4 hrs and if you are making biryani of Mutton or Beef then marinate it over night. (add top 9 ingredients in meat )
  • Boil rice with salt, bay leave, lemon juice of 1 lemon and Biryani essence few drops. (Essence will give deghi aroma to your rice)
  • In a pot add marinated meat and cook without adding water in it on low flame till meat tender.Give smoke of charcoal.
  • In another pot add 1 cup oil and onion slices , fry till light brown , remove from oil and add tomatoes and salt cook till oil separates.
  • Add dried plums, green chillies, coriander leaves.Stir for 5 minutes and remove from stove.
  • Pour over cooked meat.
  • Now give layers of rice and meat. (Rice_ Meat_Rice)
  • On top sprinkle yellow color, fried onion and lemon juice or you can place lemon slices too.

andi kebab main

Pakisatanis are BBq lovers and our EId ul Adha is incomplete without Barbeque food.Eid is special occasion to gather your friends and family members and enjoy BBq . I always enjoy cooking on Charcoal.But if you have no time and you want to serve your guests a quality BBq dish then you can try this yummilicious dish on stove. In my honest opinion this is a must try.

Here i will mention the name of my colleague who passed on this recipe to me, Mrs Jabeen. She is a darling and an expert cook. A lots of memories are attached with this recipes…i Just want to add this saying for her.

“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart.”

~ Cesar Chavez


Beef fillets/ pasande or Mince1kg
Onion3 medium
Ginger1 inch piece
Garlic1 clove
Papaya paste1/2 cup
Whole coriander4 tbsp
Poppy seeds2 tbsp
Mustard seeds10 nos
Cumin seeds1 1/2 tsp
Whole red chilli8-10
Clove /laung6 nos
Cinnamon stick1 nos
Whole black pepper10-15
Cardamom small2


  • Marinate meat fillets /parche/ pasande or you can use Mince also, with papaya paste and all other spices.(grind all spices finely)
  • In oil fry onion till light brown, set aside. In the same oil fry ginger and garlic , take them out.
brown onion
  • Grind ginger, brown onion and garlic  and mix in meat.
  • Marinate meat for 5-6 hours.
  • In the same oil (approx 1/2 cup) in which we fried onion and ginger/garlic, transfer meat with all spices and cook till meat tender and soft.
  • You can cook on charcoal too.
  • Give smoke to kebabs if cooking on stove.

coal smokeEnjoy  with naan..


andi kebab d
  • Serve with Coriander sauce /Raita/ Salad and Naan/ Parathas.
roni naan

I like to serve with Roghnai Naan…:)

Thanks to Express Tribune for posting this recipe …:)


capli kebab mainI am a great admirer of my mother’s Chapli Kebabs, she was  expert in kebabs making. I have tasted Chapli kebabs in Nowshera, KPK few years ago. Eating Hot Chapli Kebabs with Tandori Naans was an exciting experience for me.Kebabs were indeed sumptuous which was later topped with the typical Qihva…


Here is my Mom’s recipe which is not at all different in taste from  Nowshera’s kebabs..


Beef mince with fat1 kg
Gram flour2 tbsp
Saltto taste
Red chili powder1 tbsp/ to taste
Pomegranate seeds/ Anar dana (soak in warm water then grind it) 1 tsp
Black pepper crushed1 tsp
Cumin seeds (grind it roughly)1 tsp
Coriander seeds(grind roughly)1 tsp
Whole spice powder/ garam masala1 tsp
Onion (minced)1 medium
Green chillies (minced)4-5
Tomatoes2 medium
Oilfor frying


  • Roast gram flour on flat pan and set aside now take an egg and make scramble egg without using any oil.
  • Mix gram flour and egg in mince.Mix well. Grate onion and mix in mince.
  • Add all spices and again mix well with your hands.
  • Add chopped tomatoes in the mince  OR you can put a slice of tomato on top  after making kebabs.
  • Fry in oil.
  • Serve with naans and Raita.
capli kebab d

main leg roastThis is Chef Zakir’s recipe but my mother gave a twist to this recipe.In my opinion this is no fail classic recipe. Perfect for Eid ul Adha parties menu…:)


Mutton/ lamb leg1, remove large bone
Saltto taste or 3-4 tbsp
Ginger garlic paste3 tbsp
Lemon juice 5-6 tbsp
Red chili flakes1 tbsp
Red chilli powder1 tbsp
Chat masala1 tbsp
Cumin powder1 tbsp
Coriander roasted and crushed seeds1 tbsp
All spice powder1/2 tbsp
Papaya paste3 tbsp
Oil4 tbsp


leg marinate
  • Remove excess fat and wash it, let it dry for few minutes then prick it with knife deeply.
  • Rub salt and ginger garlic paste for few minutes on both sides. Again prick.
  • In a small bowl add all ingredients and mix well.
  • Apply on both sides of leg.
  • Cover with cling sheet and place in fridge over night.
  • Next day place in a large pot and pour over all spices and juices. Cover with lid and cook for 20-25 minutes.Do not add extra water.
  • Now after 20 minutes you can either bake or fry this leg. Sprinkle chat masala before serving.
  • Bake it at 200c for 1 hour. In a greased baking tray place leg and pour remaining sauce over it. Bake.
leg oast down
  • Serve with baked potato wedges. Just toss potatoes with salt and pepper and place on greased tray and bake till tender and crispy from outside.
  • I have served mixed beans salad and macroni salad with leg roast.Recipes of both salads, i will post in few days.
salad wd leg roast

haleem mainThis tasty haleem recipe is adopted from Shireen Anwer’s cooking show.But i made few changes and made it in a jhatpat way.Try is must….:)


Chicken/ beef1 kg
Onion1 large ,sliced
Ginger garlic paste2 tbsp
Oil1 cup
Yogurt1 cup
Red chilli powder3 tbsp
Turmeric powder1 tbsp leveled
Coriander powder1 tbsp
All spice powder1 tbsp
Salt2 tbsp or to taste
Wheat250 g
Barley125 g
Red lentil1/4 cup
Gram lentil1 cup
Mong lentil1/4 cup
Garnishingas needed


  • Soak wheat and barley overnight, In the morning soak other lentils too , for 1/2 hour. Wash them and set aside.
  • In a deep pan add oil and fry onion till brown now add ginger garlic paste and stir. Add all spices (except all spice powder)  and yogurt, fry and add meat (you can use boneless meat and if using meat with bones then remove bones before grinding) . Cook till color change.
  • Add lentils and water and cook on low flame till meat tender. (you can grind meat and lentils on this stage or use wooden or metal masher )
  • When required consistency obtained add all spice powder.Mix well and serve with Brown onion, coriander leaves chopped, green chillies, chat masala.
halem d
  • Enjoy this delicious haleem.
  • I have given bhagar in the end of brown onion.It will give a nice gloss to your haleem.
haleem d

I have a special guest post from one of the most inspirational people I met this year, Yes she is Amila from Srilanka, she blogs at FOOD CORNER. Her photos and recipes are such a huge inspiration and I’m super excited to share her awesome Srilankan curry recipe with you today.And I am thankful to her for sharing Srilankan Cuisine with us.
Sri Lanka is a small island off the Indian subcontinent, and its cuisine bears similarities to those of both northern and southern India.Rice and Curry is a traditional dish of Srilanka.
Now lets see what she is saying…:)


We like curry in our daily meal. Sometimes we cook it with more gravy and sometimes with less gravy. This is a chicken curry with less gravy, so I named it as Chicken Dry Curry. There is a difference in this curry, because I added some grated coconut and due to that the gravy became thicker and a bit dry curry.
In Sri Lanka,we cook pumpkin as a dry curry with adding toasted coconut.We call it as ‘Pumpkin Kalu Pol Maluwa’.Recently I tried to develop few of my own recipes using our traditional Sri Lankan cooking methods. Now you know what I am going to tell. Yes, this Chicken dry curry is a result of my experiments in the kitchen.I used chicken instead of pumpkin in the recipe of Sri Lankan Pumpkin curry. The result was really good. Hope you like this and try it.
I really appreciate and thankful to Ainy for giving me an opportunity to write to her wonderful blog Ainy Cooks. Always it is great to hear when someone admires my work. Ainy gave me such happiness by asking to write a recipe.Thanks again and here is my recipe to all of you.Hope you all will enjoy!


Ingredients (2-3 servings)
250g Chicken, cleaned & cut into pieces
1tsp Raw curry powder
¼ tsp Turmeric powder
4-5 tbsp oil
1 tspn Ginger garlic paste
2 inch piece of lemon grass
1 medium sized onions (sliced)
1 sprig Curry Leaves
1 tomato-sliced
1 tspn chili powder
Salt to taste
1 cup thick coconut milk
½ cup grated coconut (toasted)
1 cup water

Clean chicken and cut into pieces. Combine with curry powder and turmeric powder. Marinate for 30 minutes.
Heat oil in a pan. Add ginger garlic paste and lemon grass. Then add onion, curry leaves. Fry for few seconds until aromatic. Add tomato and chili powder. Mix well. Then add marinated chicken. Fry until tomato become tender and all the spices are coated with chicken.
Add thick coconut milk, salt and water. Simmer over low heat for about 15 minutes until chicken is cooked and gravy become dry. Then add toasted coconut. Stir well.
Serve and enjoy!


IMG_9692mainI took this recipe from a dhaba cook, thou he was reluctant to tell his recipe but on my humble request he told me .I am sure you will like this and try it today…:)



Chicken (tikka cut)4 pieces
Yogurt1 cup
Cream2 tbsp
Ginger (crushed)1 tsp
Garlic paste1 tsp
Red chilli powder or crushed red chillies 1 tbsp
Lemon juice2 tbsp
Salt to taste
Cumin seeds, crushed1 tsp
Ajwain (carom )1 tsp
White pepper1/2 tsp
Oil1/2 cup


  • Mix all ingredients in a bowl and rub this on each piece of chicken.
  • Marinate tikkas for 5 hours approx.
  • Bbq , pan fry or bake and serve with green raita and salad.
  • Enjoy Dhaba tikka at home with your family…:)

IMG_9846 Peshawar is famous for two things…. First the Pathans….lol….. and Second, the Namak Mandi . Those who are already aware of Namak Mandi will not be concerned, but those who have not been accustomed will be surprised to know that it is not ‘Salt’ that is sold in the Namak mandi but it is famous because of  LAMB/MUTTON KARHAI and TIKKA. They are using less spices in these dishes. Mutton Namkeen Karhai is very simple and special dish.

For a sneak preview of the Flavors of  Street food in Peshawar…KPK, check out this video:


Few days ago I with my family visited Habibi Restaurant I-8 Islamabad,  Habibi Offers Some Delicious Authentic Peshawari and Afghani Food. Thou the restaurant is not very spacious but  live barbeque adds flavor to the ambiance, where the aromatic air you breathe increases your appetite…:) We ordered Mutton Namkeen karhai along with bbq platter but believe me the simple, tender and aromatic mutton karhai was a super hit .I tried it at home and so glad to got a very close result. So here it is Copycat of Habibi Namkeen Mutton Karhai.

Click this link and visit Habibi Restaurant : HABIBI RESTAURANT ISLAMABAD


Mutton with fat1/2 kg
Tomatoes1/2 kg
Saltto taste
Ginger chopped 1 tbsp
Green chillies chopped3-4 or to taste
Red chilli flakes1 tsp
Black pepper crushed1/2 tsp
Oil2-3 tbsp
Ginger,Green chillies and corianderfor garnish


  • Wash mutton and fat, add in a pan and add salt in it.( you can cook with chicken or beef also)
  • Let it cook till half tender now add half cut tomatoes and ginger , cook on high flame till water evaporates.Remove skin of tomatoes.
  • Add oil and stir it add green chillies, black pepper and red chilli flakes, Stir constantly on high flame.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves , ginger and green chillies.
  • Serve with Afghani or roghani Naan.

IMG_0425Try is must, you will like this simple Karhai…:D


IMG_1486This broast recipe is one of my favorite and popular recipe. I am sure you will like  different taste of this fried chicken.Serve wit fries or mash potatoes.


Chicken pieces2
Worcestershire sauce2 tbsp
Ginger paste1 tbsp
Black pepper1/2 tsp
Saltto taste
Chinese salt (optional) 2 tsp
Vinegar1 tbsp
Red chili powder1 tsp
Cornflour1 tbsp
Flourfor coating
Mustard powder1/4 tsp


  • Grind ginger in a chopper very fine.
  • Mix worcester sauce to make a paste. In this paste mix black pepper, mustard powder, vinegar, Chinese salt, red chili powder, salt, egg, corn flour.
  • Mix well and apply on chicken pieces. Prick pieces with knife.
  • Leave this for 4-5 hours.
  • Coat each piece with flour properly and deep fry them.
  • Cove the lid for few minutes (10-15 mins) then remove the lid and fry till crispy and brown.
  • Serve with dip and fries.
  • For DUCKY MAS POTATOES click here…..Mash Potatoes.


main nmThe important thing about this recipe is….This is super healthy and easy. If you are looking for a weight watcher recipe then do not miss this. You can do a lot of variations with stuffing , hope you will like it.




Chicken fillet 4 thinly sliced.
Lemon juice2 tbsp
Saltto taste
Black pepper1 tsp
Potato, boiled and mashed2 medium
Peas, boiled and mashed1/4 cup
Green chillies , crushed2
salt and pepperto taste.
Bread crumbsas required
Olive oil, lemon juice , salt and pepperfor coating
Veggiesfor serving.
Cheese, shredded1/2 cup


  • Marinate Chicken fillets with salt, black pepper and lemon juice for 3-4 hours.
  • In a bowl add mashed potatoes ,mashed peas, green chillies crushed, salt, black pepper( to taste) and cheddar cheese  . Mix well.
  • Place fillet on working place and flattened it with hammer, then spread potato mixture on fillet. Roll it tightly and insert toothpicks on both ends.
  • In a bowl mix Olive oil 2tbsp, salt ,pepper and lemon juice 1 tbsp.Dip rolls in this oil and coat with breadcrumbs.
  • Place on lightly greased baking tray and bake them till brown from all sides at 180c.
  • You can fry these in less oil too.
  • Serve with sauteed veggies. Saute any vegetable with salt and pepper in 1 tbsp oil.
  • You can do a little variation by adding oyster sauce 1tbsp and chilli sauce 1 tbsp in chicken marinade.Just to give a bit spicy touch.Then before spreading potato mixture spread mayo on fillet it will give a creamy taste to your chicken.

“Sending this entry to Ahlan Ramadan –The Healthy Way


Sending to Recipe of the week linky.


Sending this to Recipes Passion Event

pak_india event

14523088093_b885a45480_oI am honored and privileged to write a guest post on one of my favorite blog, especially in this special month of Ramazan….:) I always admired her for her innovative recipes, interesting anecdotes, and beautiful photographs.
Her blog “YUMMY FOOD” is a treasure trove of simple, healthy recipes and beautifully captured and styled photographs that will leave you in awe…
When this tremendous lady asked me to share my any special Ramadan recipe with her readers, i at once decided to share my very interesting and healthy recipe of :



You can make these pies and freeze them , fry or bake just before Iftar and serve with any sauce.
For recipe please open the link below and leave your comments. I will wait for your response.


IMG_9390MChicken kebabs and lamb kebabs are most popular and different in taste, desired Afghani food. One thing which i noticed that the spices used in Afghani foods are not bland. Afghans have their own way of cooking and they usually try to keep the balance when it comes to adding spices.

In the pic below you can see an Afghani restaurant in my city.

The Afghan lady told me that each part of Afghanistan has it’s own cooking style. They were living in Kabul so their recipes are modified and versatile. Afghan lady’s daughter is a head cook back in Afghanistan she is working for any foreign company,  and i am fortunate that i got a chance to meet her. This recipe is her gift for me….:)
Here are few pics of her cute kids.



Chicken in cubes1/2 kg
Saltto taste
Black pepper1 tsp
Green chillies2 medium
Ginger1 inch piece
Garlic2-3 cloves
Olive oil1/4 cup
Turmeric powder1/4 tsp


  • In a grinder add all ingredients except chicken cubes and finely grind them.
  • Marinate chicken for 3-4 hours. (YOU CAN TAKE BEEF/ LAMB MEAT ALSO)
  • Grill it or pan fry it and serve with creamy coriander sauce and pita bread or Afghani naan.
  • I have inserted capsicum and tomato in skewers, this step is my own created one…:)
  • In Ramadan ,marinate it and freeze. Just before Iftar fry, bake or Grill  it.


Take 1/2 cup fresh coriander , green chilli 1 , Salt, , lemon juice 1 tsp  and Nestle yogurt.Blend it and serve with kebabs.


Sending this entry to Ahlan Ramadan –The Healthy Way


This is a famous and delicious street food of my town and i assure you , you will find it super tasty and delicious.


Chicken boneless1/2 kg
Tomatoes3 large
Ginger1 inch
Garlic cloves2 large
Onion1 medium ,sliced
Salt to taste
Red chilli powder1 tsp
Crushed red chillies1/2 tsp
Whole coriander seeds1/2 tsp
Cumin seeds1/2 tsp
Black pepper crushed1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder1/2 tsp
All spice powder.1/2 tsp
Butter2 tsp
fresh coriander, green chillies and dry methifor garnish
Oil2 tbsp
Yogurt 2 tbsp


  • In a pan add tomatoes, garlic cloves, onion and ginger .Add 2 glass of water and cook till soft and mashy.
  • Grind it and strain it, set aside.Tomato sauce is ready.
  • In another pan add oil and fry chicken boneless cubes. Add yogurt and all other spices fry for few seconds.
  • Now add tomato sauce and cover pan wit lid and cook till oil separates.
  • In the end add butter , green chillies, coriander leaves and dry methi.
  • Let it simmer for few minutes on slow flame.
  • Serve with Roghni naan or plain naan.

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