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CANDLE1A BIG “NO” IS MY ANSWER….How can we forget this unbelievable act of brutality. Nothing can be so terrible than to seeing parents loosing their children. These two days were like a nightmare for me. They were innocent kids…just small kids… I can’t make myself from crying my eyes out because when your heart cries you can’t stop them…..


“As many as 141 people, nearly all of them school children, were massacred on Tuesday when heavily armed Taliban suicide bombers stormed a Pakistan army-run school in Peshawar, firing indiscriminately, leaving another 130 injured.

Dressed in para-military Frontier Corps uniforms, the seven Arabic-speaking terrorists entered the Army Public School on Warsak Road around 10 am (local time) from the rear side and went from classroom to classroom shooting innocent children indiscriminately in one of the most gruesome terror attacks anywhere.”


One hundred kids won’t be singing Pak Sar Zameen tomorrow. They will soon be part of this zameen, this earth, in a way they shouldn’t have been so heart wrenching early.These terrorists, these evil, loathsome, misguided demons, win when we tell ourselves and our children that this world is all darkness. They win the day we stop belting out our anthem. They win when we stop believing with our very core that hum aik hain, hum naik hain. We are one. We are good.
Let our grief, our outrage, our disbelief turn in to action and connection. Let us each behave with the very highest, very best version of ourselves. Let us consider each of these hundred dead children as brightly burning lights, they are not snuffed out, they are lit, bravely, proudly to show us the way out of darkness.

My three year old daughter adores the color pink. Every time she sees it, no matter where, she exclaims joyfully, “For me? For me!” Last week, I was at the beach in the afternoon. As the sun began to set, the sky put on a gorgeous, flamboyant show. Pinks and purples streaked and leapt across the sky in a breathtaking evening dance. When I pointed it out to my daughter, she exclaimed, in her particular high sweet voice, “The sky is so beautiful for me, Mumma? For me!”. I held her in my arms, kissed her head, in the way that us sappy moms do when our kids school us in Life, and said “Yes. Yes, of course it’s for you.” Because she was absolutely right, it was.

There is a beautiful sky above us today. It is for us. There is beauty, in every shade and color, all over our beloved country today and every day. It is for us.
May these sleeping children pave the way for goodness and light for Pakistan. May the horror of today become the promise of tomorrow. And may in God’s wisdom and mercy we always trust, amen.

My hand is shaking and eyes are burning with tears because i am also a mother and can feel the grief and sorrow of all 132 mothers who are facing today….
All prayers are for Martyrs…. innocent souls…

Salute to a lady teacher who stood firm for her students:


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