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This is a very tasty kebabs dish…I always think that our cuisine is very diverse ,our spices and their taste is endless.We can not even count kebab’s name on our finger tips…we are having variety of kebabs in Pakistani Cuisine.


beef or chicken qeema/mince     1kg

brown onion     2(chop n fry till brown in 2 tbsp oil)

raw papaya    1tsp

roasted basan    3tbsp

roasted n crushed zeera     1 tsp

ginger garlic paste    2 tsp


white pepper     1 tsp

garam masala powder    1/2 tsp

bari iilaichi  powder     1/2 tsp

lal mirch   1 tbsp

zeera powder    1 tsp

roasted n powdered   khaskas     2 tsp

kebab chini    1/2 tsp

dry milk    1 tbsp

butter/oil    1 tbsp


Mix all ingredients in mince ,keep in fridge for 1 hour .You have two options either give smoke to mince and then make kebabs fry them (u can store in freezer as well) Or can bar b q on charcoal .Serve with chutney n parathaz…..

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