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yd 8It’s time for another interview with one of our amazing Pakistani food bloggers . We’re excited to have Yasmin of  YASMIN’S DELIGHTS  with us today she will share her food blogging wisdom with us.

Her blog YASMIN’S DELIGHTS is a veritable treasure trove of foolproof recipes for the beginner as well as expert home cook. Yasmin’s blog features healthy and delicious recipes that every one will enjoy. So here she is talking about herself first. 🙂

Yasmin please tell us something about you.

Yasmin: My name is Yasmin, I’m a British Pakistani who loves cooking food.
I’m a fun socializing person who loves to meet new people and regularly meets up with friends for a cuppa. Alongside my cuppa I will have lots of snacks that I prefer made by me to share with everyone I love.
I love to learn about Islam and attend lots of Islamic events where i share my food for charity.

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Q1. What is the inspiration behind your blog?

Yasmin: My mums homemade food that iv eaten all my life. For me food brings people together and is a way to people’s hearts. The passion I have for food when I cook completely shows in compliments I get after everyone has eaten and thats my biggest achievement I could get.
Feeding people makes me happy.

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Q2. Have you always been a foodie, or is that something’s you grew into?

Yasmin: I have always loved food and that credit goes to my parents. From small age I have ate only and only homemade fresh food,fresh home made rotis and lots of fruit and vegetables. My mum had 7 children but not once she opted for a ready made meal or takeaway so I grew up eating only good stuff.

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Q3.What are some of your favorite meals to cook in a pinch when you have limited time.?

Yasmin: I have three small children and you can imagine how hectic my day would be so sometimes I have no time and no energy to cook a long meal so I have some dishes that takes no time to cook at all like spicy Spanish omelet, red lentil curry or chickpea tarke wale chawal (rice).

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Q4. What is your favorite Pakistani dish?

Yasmin: It has to be lamb Pilao, Tandoori chicken legs, Kichri and for dessert a proper Pakistani Zarda with saffron just the way my mum makes it.


Q5.Do you have advice for bloggers just starting out?

Yasmin: I have many recipes on my blog and in fact my aim was to teach all the new cooks to Pakistani cuisine. There are many recipes out there but it’s so complicated, it puts the reader off to cooking. My aim is to only bring these new cooks into food and introduce Pakistani food to people not just Pakistani but all over the world. I believe Pakistani food is the best in the whole world.


Thank you Yasmin for sharing your views with us.

Friends you can visit Yasmin’s blog for all her delicious and wonderful recipes.


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