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Today’s Blogger Spotlight not only has a fabulous blog, but she is also such a nice person.Sadaf, from “ CHEF IN FRAME” Is one of my
favorite food bloggers. Her approach to everyday food i always admired. She is a passionate young cook and a blogger. I am so happy to have her here today sharing more about herself, her blogging, her memories and tips.
Thanks for being here Sadaf, now tell something about yourself 🙂

Thank you Ainy I am a 21 year old business student, a passionate foodblogger and blog designer.Currently focusing on being a good baker and officially starting my online cake and blog shop.In free time I love to read. I heart pink. And eating junk food is kind of happen as a hobby.Tea is my soul mate. And I am out of thinking about myself. 😉

Ha ha ha ,this is very sweet Sadaf. I am glad to know about you.Thou Tea is your soul mate but i love your posts of drinks specially one which you have shared recently.


ME: Who or what inspired you to take the plunge and start your own food blog?

Sadaf:  My serious affair with food, to be honest.


ME: What do you consider the most successful part of what you do in food blogging?

Sadaf: Sharing, what I love to share and getting to know the whole lot of techie stuffs involve in blogging and social medias. Meeting lots of Foodies and getting to know them. I also start a little Pakistani Food Blogger campaign on Instagram along with the most lovely blogger Aiza, we are featuring Food bloggers of Pakistan around the world. ( our IG is @pakistanifoodbloggers)
ME: What is it that you love most about food blogging?
Sadaf: Creating Recipes, tasting, writing, editing and most genuinely food photography.
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ME: How has the world of food blogging changed since you started?
Sadaf: It has been one year only since I started so the changes is mere in my view.
ME: What is your first food memory?
Sadaf:  Baking my first sponge cake. I remember being happy like a child when I touch the top of cake and it spring back beautifully and the perfect crispy brown crust. Oh I need to bake it again now.
ME: What is the best food photography tip you have learned in the past years.?
Sadaf:  Never, I mean never ever take photo in low light or in night. Use natural light around the time of after noon. Use good cookery set (I prefer light colored or mostly white) Arrange the food in most appealing way that make picture even more tempting.
ME: What are your top 3 tips for aspiring food bloggers?
Sadaf:  Be honest and be yourself, don’t ever cheat with the love you have with food. Start it with pre-plan. Choose un-chaotic theme for the blog and if you are starting with ‘Blogger’ (which I would suggest to) then I am available to hire at minimal cost for blog design. Aside from all these, use to learn or experience good food shot which is what revolve around food blog along with the great recipes.
ME: What is your most successful food invention?
Sadaf:  Baked Hyderabadi (PK) potato patties. It revolve around all my childhood in Hyd.
ME: What cooking types would you like to be best known for?
Sadaf: BAKING. A baker, specialist in baking pretty Cupcakes and fancy Cakes. I’m also toying around the ideas of starting my Cake shop, home-based in Karachi. *Finger crossed*
ME: Tell us about your favorite Pakistani place and food
Sadaf: First for food I prefer Peshawari Ice-cream, no matter what the weather or case, I would always say yes to Crunch flavor they have. And for the place I heart Hyderabad City, the calm and peace is enviable there.
Thank you Sadaf, If you want to see more from Sadaf . You can find her here:
Sadaf F K. | Chef in Frame.
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