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wholethaifish2_thumbNeelam Hamid who blogs at Neel’s Corner, is a very active food blogger. Throughout Neelum’s Blog you will see a love for food and family shine through. Many of the recipes i came across like, Pakora Karhi,
Mughlai Biryani , Seekh Kebab and Shahi Sheer Khurma  these all are authentic , delicious and easy to replicate in my own kitchen.



One very interesting thing is, most of Neelam’s recipes are purely traditional. One can get lost for hours browsing through her pages.You will get not only recipe but also Beauty tips , Home remedies and much more.



Hop on over to her blog for more recipes 🙂

Neelum tell us something about yourself first.


 My name is Neelam Hamid. I have three kids two daughters and one son. Daughters are 11 and 9 and my son is two years old. I have done MBA in marketing. I started this blog seven years back. I started cooking after my marriage. My passion is to try new dishes. Currently i am settled in Lahore with my family. This blog was my husband ‘s idea. He designed it for me and motivated me to write recipes in blog in my free time.

ME:  Why did you start your blog? Has the experience been what you expected?
NEELAM: Seven years back I don’t even know what was blog. My husband told me about it and not only he designed and created it he also motivated me to start writing my recipes, health tips and beauty tips in it. I also added reviews on restaurant in it. its really great experience to see your recipes publish on net and it feels great when people comment on my posts.


ME: What you think is most notable about your blog. What are the keys to its popularity?
NEELAM: I think my blog is popular because of simple and easy recipes. Believe me anyone can cook my recipes because I mostly publish easy quick and yummy recipes.



ME: What’s the greatest satisfaction you get from hosting your blog?
NEELAM: I have professional degree but I am not doing any job because of my kids but when I see my blog I feel like I am doing something. My blog gives me inner satisfaction and pleasure.


ME: What kind of recipes most of the people want these days?
NEELAM:  Now a days people don’t want to spend much time in kitchen. they want simple and quick recipes

bbq burger

ME: What piece of photography equipment could you not go without?
NEELAM: I don’t have any professional camera which i regret. I just take photos from my phone. I wish that i could take better photos but unfortunately my photography skills are not that good.


ME: What is your most successful food invention?

NEELAM: I invented many recipes but my family like my dessert recipes more so I can say that my successful inventions are oreo mcflurry and pudding trifle.


ME: What’s the recipe in the blog you always tell people about — or show them — first?
NEELAM: There are many recipes which I love to show others but my top favorite are

  • Oreo mcflurry dessert
  • Custard cookies
  • Creamy chicken karahi
  • Chicken mac arabia
  • Chicken shashlik in sauce

There are more than 600 recipes on my blog so the list can go on.:))….I also posted many famous chefs recipes which I tried in my kitchen.


ME: Tell us about your favorite Pakistani place and food.
NEELAM: My favorite place to eat out is Cosa Nostra in Lahore because of their good quality food and fine dinning experience. People of Lahore love eating so dining out is not a big deal for them, but the concept of the fine dining and its etiquette are always misunderstood. Cosa Nostra is bound to provide the right experience.


Thank you Neelam for giving us your precious time. 🙂

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