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MUTTON STICKMonu , an innovative , simple and a great helper is one of my old blogger friends. There is culinary innovation happening on all levels at RECIPES PASSION 🙂 You just need to click the link for her awesome recipes.


I read on a food blog once and I am 100% agreed with this statement because she is a lovely blogger and friend.

Greatest food blogs feel like a good conversation between friends: comfortable, warm, with many snacks at an arm’s length.

I am grateful that she has given me her time , Check out her interview below with a lot of pictures of her creations just click on the link and read her recipes 🙂



Q1. How did you come to start your food blog ?

MONU: Well it’s a very common question among all ladies with so many different replies. To be very truthful, I thought to share my creativity, not only this but I was keenly interested in learning more about food and recipes. I am sinfully addicted to baking since I was only 16. I didn’t know how to make rice but i could bake a cake for my guests. This inspiration has come genetically to me by my mom. She is my teacher and a best friend. Interestingly, what she notices in me that I can spend hours only by staring at the cake decoration and its pictures. I know that sounds funny… But it’s just my passion and I am blindly following it to learn something new.

I am a blogger user since 2010. But, due to so many commitments and routine work I couldn’t use it regularly. I made my food blog in June 2012 after collecting so many foodie clicks. Later on, i decided to seriously work on it. From there, my journey began with my family’s support and guidance, where my mom and husband come first and some of friends i found like Haffa, you, Gloria and Tabu who are always keep pushing me to post and be regular on my Food Blog.


Q2. What about the layout and design of your Blog?

MONU: Being an Engineer, I.T and web programming is almost a different field for me. But I have learnt and studied Html and Java programming a bit in my pre semesters of MBA. So, what I usually do; I take good templates from template site, amend its design and layout according to my choice, and then use it. This saves my plenty of time and readers can get a better look of my blog with the amalgamation of two things, i.e. basic previous layout and my hard work on it.

Q3. What was Your Major Challenge when starting out and how did you overcome it?

MONU: Major challenge was the network, followers and the traffic. It has been improved a lot since last 2 years when I actually started blogging. But yes, it is still a challenge for me now too and I’m working on it.

Q4. What are some of the biggest mistakes you see Upcoming Bloggers making in regards to blogging?

MONU: A big mistake that I have seen is unawareness of keeping their blog alive and to attract readers with their blog impression first. This should be their top priority. This can be ignorable as there are new to this virtual world. They will learn later on as time passes by.

But, I like to mention some new bloggers in whom I have seen real talents are Tabu from Arabic Bites, Asma from Asmie’s kitchen, Farheen banu from Zaiqedaar Pakwaan and Febina ku from Febi’s Cook Book.

Q5.Would you share your tips on being a successful food blogger with our readers?

MONU: Few important points which I think the new blogger should;

1. Make your blog and write your food articles in a very user friendly way

2. Work on Social Networking like join some food forums, food groups.

3. Keep Following & make Followers on multiple sites.

4. Try to work on your own creativity in every post, make your own stuff.

5. Respond to your blog readers as quickly as you can.

6. Be regular otherwise you will lose your fans.


Q6.What is your favorite Pakistani food and recipe?

MONU: I am always fascinated to Pakistani chat patta and desi food. On top of that list there comes;

Mughlai Chicken Biryani when served with cold vegetable raita.


Thank you Monu 🙂

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  1. Awww thanks monu love u dear all thanks to sis ainy who makes a real bond wit allnof us…im glad that we are alwaz ther to help n encourge each other…:) mashallah recipes looks tempting yumm yummm 😀

  2. MashaAllaaaah very lovely writeup!!
    No doubt Monu is not only super cook and but wholeheartedly kind person.

    I have to learn soo much from you guys.
    Thanks a ton dear for mentioning me though I don’t deserve. I am just a learner who is struggling to keep up with you guys.

    I pray that Allaah swt bless you with many many successful events like this. 🙂

  3. What a great interview! Monu is not just a blogger who cooks delicious food, she is also a very kind lady who finds time to visit the other blogs and leave lovely comments. Her personality shines through in everything she does. Her passion for food is genuine and her recipes are fabulous

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