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  “No matter where you are in the world, the common experience that brings us together is food”
Food blogging brought us closer, I am talking about Maria. I first saw her recipe pictures on Instagram and from then i am her regular visitor. Maria is a stay at home mom of two daughters and a passionate lady , you will find some new twists on Pakistani cuisine. Visit her Blog FOODAHOLIC to find out why she is not just another Food Blogger.
She is a type of food blogger you want as your next door neighbor , so you can be her tasting friend ..lolzz.
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ME: What is your background in the food and what made you want to start a Blog Foodaholic?
MARIA: No professional training, none at all ! I’m a self taught, home cook. I was always passionate about food, even as a child when I cooked only in tiny clay pots for my dolls, I cooked it with a lot of love. I always wanted to eat something new and different for each meal, monotony in menu bored me to death. This desire to try new tastes and create something different out of the same old ingredients made me experiment in the kitchen and that’s how I learnt, with trial and error. Initially the blog was just a way of documenting my cooking experiences for my daughters to remember me by something.
 ME: How long have you been blogging and how did you pick the name “FOODAHOLIC” for your blog. I found this very interesting.
MARIA:  It shall be two years in  March, 2015. I’m crazy about food, really ! I cook when I’m happy, I cook when I’m worried and I cook to express my love. It’s a therapy and a way of expression for me. My family makes fun of me that I actually think about food all the time 😀 The name Foodaholic reflects naturally what I am as a person.
 ME: What is your ultimate goal for the site? How do you see it growing and evolving over the next year?
MARIA: What started as a food diary and hobby, rapidly developed into a full time activity as it got very good response from friends, family and social media. Some friends advised me to take it to business level since I was spending so much time on creating new content each day. I’ve already launched a free eBook and gradually there will be a series of other eBooks for sale too. The blog has become a promotional platform for my catering business and there are other business plans in the pipeline based on it.
 ME:  Your Blog is an interesting Mix of Recipes, Videos and e-book .What made you decide to write an e-book ?
MARIA:  I wanted to create a magazine like website with something to enjoy for everyone. I started making videos at the request of some of my followers and also because I wanted to promote Pakistani cuisine and culture in the world, to familiarize people with our food and make it easy for them to cook in daily life. My videos are not just recipe tutorials but there is always a touch of our culture in the background. Same is true for the eBook, hence the name “Five Pakistani Recipes Everyone Can Cook”.
 ME: What’s your biggest failure ever in the kitchen?
MARIA:  My first attempt at making a souffle ! I always thought souffles were really scary to make, so I was already scared when I started. I have learnt over the years that if you are afraid in the kitchen, something would definitely go wrong ! You got to start with confidence and a ‘ what-the-hell’ attitude, in Julia Child’s words. I tried again a few times, experimented with ingredients and oven temperature till I got it right.
 ME: What is your favorite cuisine and recipe from your Blog?
MARIA:  Oh it’s such a difficult question for a foodie to answer!  I love food that looks good, smells good and tastes good ! Other than Pakistani cuisine, which is always my first preference, I have collected my favorite recipes from global cuisine on the blog, such as South Asian and South East Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and European. My all time favorite is Chicken Nihari from Pakistani cuisine and Kabuli Pulao from Afghanistan.
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ME: Do you have any advice for aspiring bloggers?
MARIA:  Blogging is fun but blogging is a great responsibility too. Only venture into this field if you think you have the passion and sincerity to share original, positive and helpful content  with the world.
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Be sure to visit her blog FOODAHOLIC.
Thank you Maria and best of Luck for your successful future 🙂

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