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ricottazucchinigalettepicIt’s time for another interview with one of our amazing food bloggers! I am so excited to have a wonderful person with us today . Her captivating writing style grabbed my attention and I contacted her for an interview. She is a girl behind “MY NINJA NAAN“. A very cooperative and friendly girl Heena is a Pakistani living in America.

Like most successful bloggers Heena understands what makes her blog special. Besides her interesting script i like her photography too. A good food image speaks more than a thousand words, If you can take photographs well , mouthwatering photography can become a major reason for others to visit you again and again.

Watch this video and enjoy Heena’s Work.



Heena’s Blog “MY NINJA NAAN” is a treat to read. The recipe of Tempting ” Chicken and Chickpea Curry/ Murgh Chanay” pictured below is mouthwatering delicious.


Here are my questions and her responses. Please comment to let me and Heena know what you think.

Hi all! My name is Henna and I blog over at My Ninja Naan. I am a American-Desi (although some would probably attest that I am more of an American-Born-Confused-Desi, lol), wife, and mother to a bright little boy. My blog is a collection of some of my most loved recipes, and a place where I come to time and time again to unwind and a place that I call my own.

ME: How did you decide to start a blog about Food in the first place? Did you consider any other ideas or was this the only thing you wanted to blog about?

HEENA:  When my husband and I married, we lived away from both of our families. I didn’t know how to cook much, if anything, and I relied a lot on the internet for my recipes. When I began blogging, it was a means for me to organize the recipes I was using, as I would often use a mishmash of multiple recipes to create my own.

ME:  You have excellent photography skills — was it something you’d studied before, or something you picked up as you started blogging?

HEENA. Thank you for the appreciation! I don’t see myself as someone with excellent photography skills; if you look further into the archives of my blog, you’ll be able to see the progression from post to post. Photography isn’t something that I had studied before, although it is something that I do take great interest in now. Since I began blogging, I’ve come across some of the most amazing food photographers. I take inspiration from their work, and I try to create my own art.


ME: How have you found the public’s reaction to your recipes and writing?

HEENA: The support I have received from the start of my blogging and photography journey has been overwhelming, to say the least. I have met and befriended people from all corners of the globe, some of which have become my closest friends, all thanks to the world of food blogging. My “real life” friends and have all been nothing short of supportive as well. They often tell me that they tried and had success with such-and-such recipe, and it totally melts my heart every time.

ME: Which part of blogging excites you most: the recipe development, the post writing, or the photography?

HEENA: The most exciting part of the blogging experience is both the cooking and the photographing. I, personally, do not cook to blog. I blog about what I cook. I don’t try, experiment, and tinker with recipes for the sole purpose of later posting them on my blog. I cook and experiment with meals that my family enjoys eating, and things that I make time and time again. Once I feel that I have perfected my recipe, I work on photographing it. Capturing the image that I have in my mind is both most exhilarating and frustrating, haha. Sometimes I am able to capture exactly what I want, and at other times I am not. Sometimes I find myself getting frustrated at the lack of a quality image, and when I realize that I am getting upset, I scrap everything and decide to photograph at a later time. I don’t like to rush through a shoot, but having a rambunctious toddler around can sometimes hasten the process :).

ME: .Do you have any tips for people who have just launched their blogs and want to expand their readership?

HEENA:  The best advice I can give to someone new to the world of blogging is to do it for themselves. The readership and following will come with time, but let this hobby/passion be something that you do because you love and you enjoy it. The internet is a vast place, and you are bound to meet like-minded people who have a genuine interest in what you have to say.

ME: As a Pakistani tell us about Pakistani cuisine and your favorite Pakistani food.

HEENA: The thing about Pakistani cuisine that I find most interesting is that we are one of the few cuisines in the world that uses such an array of spices in their cooking! If you look at most other cuisines, they allow the flavors of the main ingredient to shine. Pakistani cuisine is so unique in that sense that we use a number of spices and flavors to meld together to form an incredible meal.
My favorite Pakistani meal is Chicken Karhai. Like real Karhai, not the kind with green bell peppers (because let’s be real now, that is NOT karhai!). There is something sooo lip-smackingly delicious about the tomato-y and gingery goodness that I can never refuse it 🙂



Instagram: @my_ninja_naan

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