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NR MAnd so our mothers and grandmothers have, more often than not anonymously, handed on the creative spark, the seed of the flower they themselves never hoped to see — or like a sealed letter they could not plainly read.

Alice Walker

I have quoted here Alice’s words you know why.?? Because I have got a chance to interview an excellent and fabulous home cook who is a Mother…Grand mother and an awesome blogger. Her blog’s name NANO’S RECIPES attracted me and when I read her recipes a big WOW came out of my mouth…:)  I believe no recipe/ cooking can compare Mother’s recipe at all. Mother’s meals are our first taste experiences and we are looking for the familiar tastes and aroma to eat and tastes to enjoy in whole our lives.

A mother’s apron strings are a powerful link to the past.

After meeting Fakhra Aunty (  hope you will allow me to call u Aunty..:) ) one thing I have learned never waste your skills and talent no matter what is your age. Besides her culinary skills I will mention here, her team. Her son and daughter in law helping her and giving life to her recipes. I, in future am going to try her recipes and will share with you all here on my website..:)

A big thanks to Fakhra Rashid Aunty for giving me your time.  Now please tell my readers about you 🙂

“My Name is Fakhra Rashid. I have more than 40 years of cooking experience and have been a passionate cook since I was in my teens. Being an army family we used to get posted to a new town every 2nd year or so. This traveling and living in different communities enabled me to learn diverse food items from new people I met. In old times when there was no internet I used to improvise and experiment new stuff to bring a new touch and taste in cooking. After all my kids got married I almost stopped cooking different things but since Nanos recipes, the inner chef is back in business.”

ME:  What inspired you to start your own blog, and what challenges you have faced in maintaining and promoting your blog?

FAKHRA RASHID: Well, it actually started with a Facebook page. An acquaintance of mine was running a Facebook page where she used to post recipes and she had asked me to share any of my recipes since she knew that I was pretty good at cooking. However, one day I planned to prepare a recipe for her page, along with step by step images, I asked my son to take photos as he’s good at photography. After we were done, my daughter-in-law said to me that why don’t we start your
own Facebook page and upload this recipe there? As she is a graphic designer and also fond of cooking.
That was the moment when it all started really 🙂 since I have always been sharing my recipes with my friends and family. From drinks, jams, squashes, chaat masala, everything used to be homemade in our house and my kids as well as everyone else thoroughly enjoyed it.
As I have always been generous in giving out my recipes, so this seemed like an ideal situation.We started our page with a Pretzel’s recipe but the recipe that gave use the biggest boost was KFC Chicken. We gained more than 2000 Page likes in a single day without even promoting it. Since we were getting so much attention, my son and daughter in law decided to make a blog for Nanos Recipes.
As for challenges, I try my best to answer each and every query by the followers. Also, there is this long pending list of recipe requests that I know I have to share at some point. But as it can be seen, each recipe requires quite a lot of work. Cooking up a recipe at home is easier, but when I’m teaching someone, I have to make sure that none of the steps are missed, I have to measure the exact quantity of ingredients, the images have to be post processed and the recipe typed. So, that’s a challenge.


ME: What makes Nano’s Recipes different from other sites and blogs. What is the story behind this name?
FAKHRA RASHID: The most unique thing about my recipe blog is that Recipe instructions are illustrated with step by step pictures which make it easier for readers. All the recipes are posted after trying and testing. Nothing is hidden in the recipes and if followed properly then the result will be accurate. Also the content and picture quality is never compromised. If we miss some pictures of steps or they don’t turn out good, the item is cooked again for better pictures. Also all the comments and requests are entertained, every query is replied properly.
I also try to give a flavor to all recipes that will be agreeable with our Eastern taste buds. Another thing I try is to make the recipes as short as I possibly can, yet making sure that it tastes great because complicated recipes scare people off. However, for some recipes it can’t be helped 🙂
There was a time when my rank was “Nadia, Saad ki Ami”, “Taimur, Ambreen ki Ammi” then after my grandson was born, I was promoted to the rank of “Ali’s Nano.” That is the name I chose for my personal email ID and Facebook profile. And when I was launching the recipe page my children suggested the name “Nano’s Recipes”


ME: What is your fondest food memory?

FAKHRA RASHID: 3 years ago I went to Khewra Salt mines with family, on our way back we had supper from Food Village resort near Talagang Motorway Interchange. The place was beautiful and the food was divine! They served us with “Turkish Kebabs”. I have never tasted something like that. Neither I was ever able to replicate the recipe. They were perfectly grilled on skewers, chicken was juicy and cheese was dripping from the kebabs and it was very spicy and brightly colored. I tried to look for its recipe but couldn’t find it. I wish I knew itso that I could share it on my page

ME: Tell us any three Pakistani dishes along with their links that you like preparing often.


1. Tawa Chicken
2. Hareesa
3. Chappal Kebab

(click above links for recipes)


ME: What is your trusty kitchen companion?

FAKHRA RASHID: If you are asking about things/tools than it has to be my hand beater 🙂


ME: Do you have any tips for Aspirants?

FAKHRA RASHID: For people, who love to cook or are learning to cook, I’d like to say that perfection can only be achieved by experience. I try my best to give each and every tip on my Blog, however even then people can mess up because of lack of experience. What I’d like to say is, don’t freak out, with a passion for good food and cooking and good practice, “Any one can cook” 🙂


I am grateful to you.

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