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kkarhaiThere are thousands of food bloggers from around the globe and while most of them are skilled writers, photographers and cooks Ayesha adds her personal touch on everything she does. I adore the sensational recipes specially a vast range of Pakistani cuisine she has covered 🙂
Her recipe of Chicken  Tikka Boti , which she posted on 14, jan is finger licking delicious. I am also planning to try out this weekend.
malai tika
When you read her blog, you almost feel like she has opened her kitchen to you to teach you how to make everyday meals that you and your family can enjoy. I am sure you will like her recipes and way of explaining her recipes.
Now Over to Ayesha 🙂
I am Ayesha born and brought up in Lahore, Pakistan, currently residing in Melbourne Australia. My hobbies are cooking, reading, travelling, listening to music, dancing and having fun. My interests are fashion, interior designing, knowing about different cultures, learning different languages and learning different cuisines plus A lot of stuff. A true “Libra Woman”.
Q 1. How did you come to start your food blog ?
AYESHA: I started cooking at a very young age maybe because I love food LOL and i always loved my Pakistani food a lot, specially the charcoal grilled BBQ, biryani, zarda, korma, nihari and various other dishes related to pakistani home cooking and restaurants and when I went to New Zealand i started missing my native food, specially desserts. I was never a sweet tooth but when i moved to Auckland, I realised that its hard to find the authentic Pakistani food here or something that suits my tastebuds so I decided to make everything at home….. At least give a try. So i started looking for recipes over the internet, youtube and some good old cook books I carried all the way from home.
I tried one recipe again and again by making some changes every time according to my taste until I got what i was looking for. After a year of reading, browsing and trying different recipes my cooking got mature. I came to know different techniques of cooking and got a chance to try other cuisines around as well and to learn how to cook food of different origins. My passion, my taste buds and my continuous explore of good taste took me on a never ending journey of culinary perfection.
oreo cheese cake
I think unlike other branches of art, culinary art was not much explored until year 2000. After that there was a drastic change in this field. People started to explore more and more about different food and the way to make everything natural and healthy. New food TV programmes started and some TV channels were specifically dedicated to culinary Arts. People like Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson and other cooking experts and legends got more recognition and people actually started following them. (Curtis stone and Laura Vitale are my top two favo chefs).
Even in Pakistan we got some new food channels which was a positive change but the so called “cooking experts” are still misguiding people when it comes to international recipes LOL and the programmes are not mature at the moment, they still go for viewer phone calls and a lot of irrelevant stuff which should not be the part of a proper cooking show. I don’t follow them. Then social media also played a very essential part in the promotion of good food and recipes. So it all started after year 2000. I started my blog in year 2008.
Q 2. What about the layout and design of your Blog?
AYESHA: The layout and the design of my blog is from I just purchased the domain.
Q 3.What are some of the biggest mistakes you see Upcoming Bloggers making in regards to blogging?
AYESHA: Upcoming food bloggers are trying to put everything on their page. From their most favorite recipe to the most unfavorite recipe. I only put up my favorite recipes because I only try them. I cant cook, eat or post my unfavorite recipe.
Q 4. What was Your Major Challenge when starting out and how did you overcome it?
AYESHA: The major challenge I faced while coming up with my website was getting more and more visits and comments. I was eager to know, where i am heading to. When you come at front publicly, its natural that you want some appreciation and a little criticism to know where you are up to. So to overcome this or to penetrate in food blogger world I took Facebook help. I made and promoted my fan page and group to let more people know about my website. I posted links to my fb page on different groups. The feedback from people is very valuable to me. It makes me feel special plus it guides me what I have to change on my site.
Q 5. Would you share your tips on being a successful food blogger with our readers?
AYESHA: My tips to the upcoming or young food bloggers are:
1. Keep it simple. No need of using difficult vocabulary or making your page complicated. Just keep it simple and easy to browse so you can get more and more people following you.
2. Try to upload your favorite recipes. Because the recipes you like are the ones you have invested most of your time coming up with and they actually taste nice.
3. No need of irrelevant stuff on your website. If it is about cooking keep it for cooking don’t add tabs like “beauty tips” and “interior designing” please. Focus on one field and you will be golden.
Q 6. Your favorite Pakistani food and recipe
AYESHA: My favorite Pakistan recipe is or maybe favorite recipes are…… Lol
Sindhi biryani,  shaami kabab, BBQ, zarda, mithaiyan, club sandwiches, pakistani chinese, paratha roll, kulfa, gulaab jaman (hot and fresh), chappai kabab (top fav), and being Lahori everything in Androon e sheher.
gulab jamun
Here is another very interesting recipe of Ayesha “ SKIN GLOWER DEINK” must try.
skin glower drink
Please visit Ayesha’s blog,  AYESHA’S KITCHEN and  FACEBOOK PAGE  for interesting great recipes, some unique cooking tips and a lot of Pakistani authentic recipes . You’ll find inspiration and a lovely new friend to treasure.
Thank you Ayesha it was very nice to know about your culinary journey. 🙂

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