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mk3Today we have a young and talented Pakistani blogger Maira , who blogs at Maiya Kitchen. Interesting thing about her blog is her Japanese Recipes. She is an expert in Japanese cuisine . You will find easy recipes on her blog. She is just 21 but she is doing a marvelous job. Her work reflects her talent 🙂

“Hide not your talents, they for use were made”

Happy to have you here Maira,

Q 1. Tell us about your blog and its origin.Why you give emphasis on Japanese cuisine. ?

MAIRA:  I started blogging one in and a half year ago.Cooking is my passion  and I always wanted to discover new tastes. I want to expend my horizon. Japanese cuisine offers a great variety and regional specialties. I try my best to offer 100% Halal food for  my readers.


Q 2. When you first started blogging which method you find was the most successful to built up your audience.?

MARIRA: I started posting and commenting on different food Blogs,Sharing my recipes in different food related groups Via tumblr,facebook,twitter,pintrest,LinkedIn and g+ this helped me built up my audience.


Q 3. If you had to pick one favorite post what is it and why?

MAIRA: All posts are my favorite but my personal favorite is Naruto Ramen.Many readers requested me to teach them How to make Naruto Ramen. Keep this in your Mind that Naruto is Japanese  Anime Series that’s why Naruto Ramen are quiet popular among people and as I am also Naruto and Ramen fan, this post is my personal favorite.


Q4. What is your favorite weekday meal and dish to make for a special occasion?

MAIRA: My favourite weekday meal is Pizza and Kung Pao Chicken and for special Occasion I love to make Chullu Kabab.

Q5 . Please tell us the most interesting or adventurous dish or food you have tried some where?

MAIRA: Korean kimchi is the most interesting dish I’ve ever made. It was my first time making something from Korean cuisine and kimchi is popular worldwide. I’ve tried kimchi for the first time and it was a success.


Q6. You favorite Pakistani Food?

MAIRA: Of course one and only Biryani.

Thank you Maira. Visit Maira’s blog for more Japanese recipes 🙂


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