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bidh mOn the wedding day, it is traditional in Pakistani families for the groom’s side to distribute party favor bags /pouches along with Baskets filled with all nuts to Bride’s family after the nikkah.
I have decorated Bidh baskets for a family friend’s wedding. I always enjoy doing dry arrangement work, thou its not an easy job with my kids but i love to do handicrafts.
I used dry pine cones, coconut seeds, wheat plants. After giving bath of golden and silver spray ,sprinkled glitter dust on them.
Left them to dry for few hours.

bidh 1
Then took a bunch of artificial flowers and spray with golden and silver spray. Dust glitter. After drying i arranged all the things near baskets and first cover them with Net. With hot gun glue secured the edges and stick Gotta on edges of basket.

bidh d2
Then i arranged all dry things with hot glue gun. Burnt my fingers number of times and refused offers of help from my both sons..huh…at last i succeeded… 🙂

bidh d3
Here are few of my WEDDING GIFTS DECORATION IDEAS which i have posted last year.

bidh d4

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